Alex Rich Genius Picasso

National Geographic’s ‘Genius: Picasso’: Alex Rich Talks Playing the Artist as a Young Man

Last year, National Geographic’s anthology series Genius earned 10 wide-ranging Emmy nominations for its stunning inaugural outing, which explored Albert Einstein’s personal and professional evolution. The series returns this month to spotlight another enigmatic intellect: prolific Spanish artist and proud bohemian Pablo Picasso. Like its predecessor, Genius: Picasso features two actors in the titular role — GLOW’s Alex Rich and movie star Antonio Banderas, this time — to capture the freethinker’s nine-decade life, a vast and colorful canvas of shifting personal and political alliances, fraught romances and astoundingly disparate artistic styles. Banderas’ connection to Picasso traces back to his youth […]

Long Road Home National Geographic Jason Ritter

The Long Road Home: We’re On Set As Martha Raddatz’s Moving Tale Of Military Sacrifice Comes To National Geographic

It’s 1am on a stifling, central Texas June night and a life-or-death battle is being waged in a remote area of the sprawling Fort Hood military base. Fifteen soldiers hunker down in an open-sided tactical vehicle that is no match for their assailants’ firepower. Some fire frantically into the hostile darkness. Others bellow from the pain of fresh wounds. And one, their leader, does his best to mitigate chaos. No, war hasn’t come stateside. Nor is this an elaborate training exercise. Instead, I’m in the midst of a rending, pivotal moment on the set of National Geographic’s event series The […]

Story of Us With Morgan Freeman

‘The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman’: Nat Geo Expands Freeman’s “Story” Franchise From God to Man

Several years ago, Morgan Freeman and his producing partners Lori McCreary and James Younger traveled the globe to explore the uniting power of faith for National Geographic’s smart and intensely moving The Story of God With Morgan Freeman, which bowed in 2016. Critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated, the series debuted a shorter second season last January, even as the group was already at work on another approach to spotlighting global unity in a time where we can’t even get along with our neighbors. “Story of God felt so eye-opening to all of us,” Younger explains. “Then we realized that religion is […]

Diana In Her Own Words Nat Geo

“Diana: In Her Own Words”: Nat Geo Gives The Doomed Princess Her Say

Odds are good that — even 20 years later — you recall exactly where you were when you found out Diana, Princess of Wales, had died of injuries sustained in a horrific car crash on August 31, 1997. Whether you considered Diana the very picture of a modern monarchy, an example of unimaginable grace in the face of infidelity, a fearless humanitarian or just another obsession of the tabloid press, the 36-year-old beauty made an impression. An impression that keeps her memory alive decades after her death. While this month is rife with Diana specials and documentaries, only one tells […]

Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein Genius

Walter Isaacson on Genius, National Geographic’s ‘Genius’ and the Power of Imagination

Fans of Walter Isaacson’s exhaustive biographies know two things when they pick up his latest. One, it won’t be a quick read. And two, every moment will be worth it, as heroes of science and technology become irresistible in their humanity as much as their exceptional minds. The latter inspired filmmakers Gigi Pritzker, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer to choose Isaacson’s 2008 book Einstein: His Life and Universe as the launching point for their National Geographic series Genius — a series they hope will spark the imagination and wonder of viewers of all ages. And take the scary out of science, […]


National Geographic’s ‘Genius’: Meet the Two Mrs. Einsteins

• RELATED: ‘Genius’ — Geoffrey Rush Plays A Deliciously Human Einstein on Nat Geo • RELATED: ‘Genius’ — Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn Talk Playing Einstein on National Geographic Framed by a monitor on the Prague set of National Geographic Channel’s Genius, Emily Watson’s face is a mask of quiet fury. Portraying Elsa Einstein, Albert’s first cousin and longtime lover, she is newly aware that his impending fame will expose the truth of their adulterous relationship. “Do anything,” she seethes, “to get free of Mileva.” They say that behind every great man, there is a great woman. In Einstein’s case, there were […]


‘Genius’: Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn Talk Playing Einstein on National Geographic

Geoffrey Rush done up as Einstein and killing time on bench outside the enormous Prague soundstage where National Geographic’s Genius filmed begs an instant double take. For actor/musician Johnny Flynn, embodying the younger Albert proved a bit more challenging. • RELATED: ‘Genius’: Geoffrey Rush Plays A Deliciously Human Einstein on National Geographic • RELATED: National Geographic’s ‘Genius’: Meet the Two Mrs. Einsteins! “All the footage that exists of him is after he came to America,” Flynn explains of the man he calls “quite maverick and punk.” “The exciting thing about the potential in this show is to create an idea of […]