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“Naked After Dark” Premieres after Sunday’s “Naked and Afraid”

Live Post-Show Allows Fans Q&A with “Naked and Afraid” Castaways Just when you can’t get any more excited about Sunday’s season 2 premiere of Naked and Afraid, (9pmET/PT) Discovery has announced that an all-new talk show, Naked After Dark will immediately follow Naked and Afraid. Naked After Dark will be hosted by Joe Bereta, and feature Shark After Dark’s Bob (the shark) Oschack and social correspondent Taryn Southern. Naked After Dark host Joe Berets will talk to the participants from that night’s episode of Naked and Afraid to get a more in-depth look at what those 21 days were actually […]

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Never Fear: “Naked and Afraid” Returns March 16 With Supersized Episodes!

Naked and Afraid Returns to Discovery with Super-Sized Episodes on Sunday, March 16 at 9pmET. It is no secret that I love, love, love Naked and Afraid! I am tempted to call it the best show on TV. If nothing else, it is the most unique, and bad-ass show on television. Each week, two strangers are thrust, naked into an extreme survival situation. Outfitted with only one survival item each (get it, outfitted, ‘cause they’re otherwise totally naked) they must do whatever it takes to survive for 21 days in an inhospitable environment that will try its best to make […]