Naked and Afraid NamibiaDiscovery Channel
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Recap: Naked and Afraid Namibia “23 Days”

It’s the season finale of Naked and Afraid, and I feel like this season is limping to the finish line. I’ve been underwhelmed by some of this season’s participants and I think that like me, Discovery is just trying to get this season done so we can regroup and look forward to Naked and Afraid XL. This week we’re heaving back to Namibia, a country we’ve visited with Luke and Lindsay and Andrea and Joe. Discovery didn’t release any clips or pictures for this episode, so I’ll be scrambling to find images that I can use. Don Nguyen Age: 28 […]

Naked and Afraid Honduras

Recap: Naked and Afraid Honduras “Strength in Pain”

“AAh! There’s a snake on me!” It’s not as catchy as Sheriff Woody’s “There’s a snake in my boot,” but it’ll have to do as this episode’s catchphrase. I was very touched that some of my regular N&A friends were worried that my unflinching honesty got me in trouble. Never fear, Channel Guide Magazine loves me because of (and in spite of) my honesty. My husband and I were just enjoying a few kid-free (and computer-free) days celebrating his recent milestone birthday. This week we’re heading to the Atlantida region of Honduras. Hola Honduras! It’s gonna be hot. It’s gonna be […]

Naked and Afraid Nicaragua

Recap: Naked and Afraid Nicaragua “Bad Blood”

Naked and Afraid, I tried to take a weekend off from you to celebrate my anniversary, but I still ended up watching the last ten minutes of the episode in our hotel room. But could you blame me? — the commercials promised a scorpion! Let’s jump in to this abbreviated, a few days late, recap. The episode hasn’t even started and I’m already humming the song by Taylor Swift. And — oh, look — right from the start, someone is worried that their partner is gonna go loco! Hooray for casting and psychological screening! Angel Rodriguez Age: 37 years old […]

Naked and Afraid AustraliaDiscovery Channel

Recap: Naked and Afraid Australia “Melt Down Under”

Holy moly, Naked and Afraid casting people, you need to get your act together! This is the second week in a row that a participant went coo-coo!! I won’t get too far ahead of myself, but dang! Feel free to read my two interviews with the casting director of Naked and Afraid (Interview 1 and Interview 2) and please apply if you are confident that you are not going to try to harm your partner. That being said, let’s take a gander at this week’s TV trainwreck. Nicklas Lautakoski Age: 30 years old Occupation: Professional adventurer, Mountain guide, and Lecturer Current […]

Naked and Afraid Thailand

Recap: Naked and Afraid Thailand, “Hell or High Water”

“We are cut off from the production crew” They’ve been using this statement in teases for several seasons. Let’s grab our raincoats, and settle in for this wet ride. Matt Wright Age: 32 years old Occupation: Owner and operator of Extreme Instinct LLC, makes custom knives, survival gear and teaches survival classes Current Residence: Lakewood, Colorado Relationship Status: Engaged Survival Skills: Primitive Weapons, Fire, Trapping, Hunting, Primitive Fishing, Flint-Knapping, Basketry, Cordage, Hide Tanning, Shelter, Water Purification, Tracking, and Navigation. Matt is a confident guy, and is ready to take his survival skills to the jungle for the first time. Matt is […]

Naked and Afraid Philippines

Recap Naked and Afraid Philippines “Contaminated”

This week, Naked and Afraid is heading to the Philippines. And the promos promise a time that stinks. Literally. Let’s pinch our nones and dive in. Matt Alexander Age: 33 years old Occupation: Self Employed Truck Driver / Leather Works and Knife Making Current Residence: Jennings, Louisiana Relationship Status: Single Survival Skills: Hunting, Tracking Matt was born and raised in Louisiana and spent his childhood in the woods, hunting and fishing. Matt’s a good ol’ boy with chauvinistic ideals and admits he hasn’t prepared much for the challenge. He says, “I don’t get scared of nothing” Matt’s Initial Primitive Survival Rating […]

Naked and Afraid Belize

Recap Naked and Afraid Belize Episode 5: “All Falls Down”

This week we’re heading to an area home to some of the world’s most beautiful vacation spots. But when you take away air conditioning, beaches and drinks with little umbrellas, Belize is basically a bug-infested hell. But for two daring adventurers, they’re picking up a fun passport stamp but without any of the fun that normally goes along with a trip to Belize. Let’s meet our couple. Kacie Cleveland Age: 30 years old Occupation: Athletic Trainer Current Residence: Bellingham, Washington Relationship Status: Married Survival Skills: Fishing, Shelter Building Kacie grew up part of a family who turned into a competitive […]

Naked and Afraid Croatia

Recap: Naked and Afraid Croatia: “From the Ashes”

I’m back from Spring Break, and this week we’re heading to the wetlands of Kopacki Rit, Croatia. Croatia is a country that I’ve always heard is lovely, but this hell-hole is home to scads of mosquitoes, pissed-off wild boars and golden jackals who wanna eat your booty. Let’s meet this week’s survivalists:   Lee Trew Age: 33 years old Occupation: Survival/ReWilding Mentor Current Residence: Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia Relationship Status: Married Survival Skills: Primitive Bushcraft, Physical Conditioning, Eco-Literacy, and Self-Development In his bio on, Lee describes himself as part man, part monkey — or maybe the mutant love child […]

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Recap: Naked and Afraid Amazonia: Episode 3 “Rise Above”

This week, I’m surviving Spring Break with my husband and kids in the “Wilds” of Williamsburg, Virginia. So I’m getting to know our forefathers, and two survivalists head to a forsaken region of Amazonia. And this week’s male participants promises to be one of N&A‘s most colorful characters EVER!! (Spoiler: In 2009, Jake appeared on the Discovery channel show Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment, and was apparently the first openly gay person shown on a Discovery network program). Related: History’s Alone returns in April for Season 2! While I’m off on my adventure in American history, here are mini-bios for this week’s […]

Naked and Afraid Canada

Recap: Naked and Afraid Canada, Episode 2

Finally! It’s gonna get hella cold. I’ve been hoping that Naked and Afraid would travel to a climate that I can relate to for a long, long time. I know what it’s like to be cold. This week, Naked and Afraid is heading to our neighbors to the north and Ontario’s Bark Lake, where daytime temps hover in the 50’s and the nighttime temps dip down near freezing. That’s gonna be blustery on the naked bits. Additionally, the area is home to dangers including black bears, wolves and moose. I never considered a moose a predator, but it will stomp you, which is not […]