Naked and Afraid XL: Episode 2

Recap: Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 2 “40 Days, No Escape”

Last week, I was on an airplane to London while Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 2 was airing in the U.S.. By the time I had arrived at my hotel, the comments made it clear that this episode was a whole new level of insanity. Everyone was buzzing about Honora’s trip to coo-coo-town. So when I got home from London yesterday, I shrugged off my jet-lag and sat down to catch up on the crazy. I have asked Discovery Channel for advanced access to the episodes of Naked and Afraid XL, but because of the heavy amounts of blurring and pixilation that […]

Naked and Afraid XL

Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Episode 1

When I heard that Naked and Afraid was mixing up its magic formula of “2 people, 21 days, no clothes,” to “12 people, 40 days, no clothes,” I was both worried and thrilled. Of course, my worry was that for the last 4 seasons, an ominous narrator has warned us that the human body can survive for only 21 days without food, so I’ve always felt pretty confident that even if the survivalists catch nada, they’re probably not going to die. But now that the length of stay has been almost doubled, they’d better catch a lot more food or […]