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Catfish Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: The Next Door Neighbor

Max is away again this week, working on his new movie. That means Nev gets to bring in another special guest. For this week’s episode of Catfish, famous Youtuber, Todrick Hall will be joining Nev. The two get down to business by reading an email from Devan in Texas. He’s writing into Catfish because he met a girl named Rylan over a year ago online. Devan thinks Rylan could be the one. He’s gone so far as to invite her to stay with him while he’s in college. The only problem is that the two haven’t met yet, despite living […]


Scream episode 9 recap: Mama James

This episode of MTV’s Scream starts with a backstory of how the Ghostface mask returned. Some unidentified person was able to break into the evidence room and search through the Brandon James files. Inside was the mask, and the start of a new monster. It’s Halloween week, which means the Halloween dance is right around the corner. The Sheriff lets the town know that instead of cancelling the dance, it will still go on to raise money for the murder victims. I have to agree with Piper here – if Branson isn’t the murderer, this dance will turn into a […]

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Catfish Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: Quit Catfishing Catfish!

On this week’s episode of Catfish, Nev recruits some help from rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly. Turns out Kelly has been in a lot of Nev’s brother’s films so that is how the two have gotten to know each other. Machine Gun Kelly will be taking over Max’s role in this episode while he and Nev try to help a young girl named Hundra. She begins her story by saying she met an amazing girl online named Emily who lives in New York, about 9 months ago. At first the two girls were just friends but their relationship quickly grew into […]


Scream episode 8 recap: The haunting

With all the craziness that went down on last week’s episode of Scream, everyone is trying to recuperate after the death of Will. Jake wakes up in the hospital to discover the news that his best friend is dead. I bet he’s feeling pretty crappy for the way he treated Will. Piper goes to the Sheriff with the video of the Mayor acting very suspicious. She lets him know that Nina and Tyler had the video and now that Will and Jake had it, they went through dealing with Ghostface as well. Turns out Brooke was the one who went […]

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Catfish Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

On this week’s Catfish, Nev and Max get an email from Ayissha who met a girl named Sydney almost 3 years ago on Twitter. The two are Cali natives but Sydney mentioned that she was living in Texas due to her schooling. They instantly shared a special connection and since Ayissha has never been a fan of video chatting, she decided she would just trust Sydney instead of ask her to chat. Big mistake! When Sydney relocated back to Cali, poor Ayissha was blown off every time she tried to make plans to meet her online love. Ayissha thought it […]


Scream episode 7 recap: There will be blood

On this episode of Scream, we pick up right where we left off last week with Will and local reporter Piper being stuck with the murderer. Both aren’t dead- yet- but I have a feeling they will be soon now that they’re hostages. Kieran and Emma seem to be the school’s latest hottest couple, despite the fact that their parents are dating each other. After receiving a text from Will, Emma is worried that she can’t find him anywhere. When she asks Jake and Brooke if either of them have seen him, they too have no idea where he could […]

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Catfish Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: The Decade Long Catfish Story

This week on Catfish, Nev and Max help out Andria who has been in a sketchy relationship with a man she met online for almost 10 years. 10 years?! She’s been in St. Louis and he’s been in Chicago during the course of their relationship. I get that it’s not just down the street but it’s not that far and they haven’t just met each other either. Andria mentions that she met David on the ancient social media site, Bebo. I remember that website- full of creeps. Andria and David started talking while she was in middle school so she […]


Scream episode 6 recap: The Brandon James story

On the last episode of MTV’s Scream, Emma made it clear that she was no longer with Will after she hooked up with Kieran. Now that she’s with the bad boy she decides that she wants to face her fears by having Kieran take her to Brandon’s house. I’m not exactly sure how this is going to solve anything but okay! Inside, Emma finds a fresh daisy which means that someone has been visiting. Coincidentally, Kieran goes missing and Emma gets a phone call from her stalker. I knew this was a bad idea. As Emma is running around the […]

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Catfish Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Once a Catfish, Always a Catfish

On tonight’s episode of Catfish, Nev and Max help out Thad who send them an email about his catfish story. Thad starts the email off by saying how he is a former corrections officer from Texas — wait a second! Don’t tell me he was a cop and got catfished! They have the best catfish-investigation tools available to them! But back to Thad’s story. He needed a stranger’s help with some issues he was dealing with at home and along came Sara. After talking for a month, Sara admitted that she started developing feelings towards Thad and it seemed like the […]

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#TCA15: Who let the freaks out? Todrick!

MTV unleashes the freaks! Todrick Hall @toddyrockstar lights it up at #TCA15. — Channel Guide (@ChannelGuide) July 29, 2015 On a Wednesday morning at the TCA Summer Press Tour, there’s nothing that will wake a person up faster than “Who Let the Freaks Out?” I grew up in the 1980s, and it was my understanding that the freaks came out at night, not at 9am on a Wednesday. So I had to pose the question to YouTube star Todrick Hall, who is getting his own MTV series premiering Aug. 31. ME: Hi, guys. Good morning. First question, who did let the freaks […]