Men, Women, Wild “For Worse”

Recap: Men, Women, Wild “For Worse” Episode 2

Last week, three brave couples headed into remote locations with limited survival gear for a three-week test of their survival skills and their relationship’s strength. One couple, Matt & Ali called it quits after only three days into their survival adventure in the harsh Mexican jungle. The bugs and the stress were too much for Ali. In Norway, Justin & Jenny are a week into their survival experience and they still haven’t eaten a single bite. In the highland desert of Morocco, Mitchell & Jhoanna have eaten a few small fish, but nothing else. Their biggest obstacle has been the unpredictable weather […]

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Recap: Men, Women, Wild Premiere “This Day Forward”

Discovery’s newest survival-based series, Men, Women, Wild tests whether real-life couples can conquer a unique 21-day survival experience armed only with limited supplies and each other. The six-episode series will follow three couples as they attempt to survive in three very different environments with limited supplies. Let’s meet the crew! Matt Stevens (29) & Ali Stevens (33) Survival Location: Southern Mexico Hometown: Spokane, WA Occupation: Matt is an elite survival instructor with the U.S. Air Force, and Ali is a personal trainer, yoga instructor and a full-time mom. Marital Status: Matt and Ali have been married for six years and have three […]