Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2

Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 2, “Juicy Gossip”

Last week I fell in love with Little Women: Atlanta. I have to say: I’m hooked! And by the buzz surrounding the show, you are too! Hooray, now we can gab about the gals. This is TV’s sexiest, sassiest, most guilty pleasure. I don’t think there have been reality TV characters who are this fun to watch since my TV took a vacay to The Jersey Shore. I’ve been a big fan of the other shows in the Little Women universe. The gals in LA have a visceral love-hate relationship with each other and have shared life moments — like […]

Little Women: Atlanta
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Welcome To A Televised Trainwreck “Little Women: Atlanta” Recap, Episode 1

Get the latest from Little Women: Atlanta — Episode 2, “Juicy Gossip” Tonight, Lifetime premiered a big night filled with little ladies. First, Little Women: LA started its fourth season with a bang, or rather a brawl, that ended with drinks being thrown. Then, The Little Women franchise spread to the Dirty South in Little Women: Atlanta. I thought I’d give the new series a gander and meet the new ladies. Since I’m watching this real-time, I have only the images from Lifetime’s press site, but will try to add more pictures as they become available. This series is wasting no time […]

Little Women: Atlanta
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“Little Women: Atlanta” Gets Big In The Dirty South

Tonight after the drink-throwing, Season 4 premiere of Little Women: LA, Lifetime premieres another spirited spinoff of its Little Women franchise when it introduces the lovely ladies of Little Women: Atlanta. These new sassy lassies turn heads wherever they go, especially with club promoter Emily Fernandez leading the charge with identical twins, Andrea and Amanda Salinas, Bri Barlup, Ashley “Minnie” Ross and Tiffany “Monie” Cashette turning heads with their petite statures and big personalities. These beauties may be the most dramatic Little Women yet — catfights, power struggles and drama are part of almost every get-together. But they have each other’s backs too […]