Little Women: Atlanta Reunion

What I’m Wondering After The Little Women: Atlanta Reunion

After a season of reality TV, it’s good to have a reunion to get the deets on what’s gone down since the cameras turned off. Are the feuds still raging? Have friendships rekindled? Have loves been lost? And in last night’s LW:ATL reunion, we learned that the gang has been getting busy, literally. Below, I wrote down a few pre-reunion show questions and then will explain what I learned…. The Entire Minnie-Baby-Troy triangle — WTF is going on there? Before the Reunion: I interviewed Minnie days before her big announcement, and she hinted that she had something major about to […]

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8

Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 8 “Little Women, Big Changes”

It’s the season finale of Little Women: Atlanta! But before you start humming Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road,” never fear, there’s a reunion special next week, (but more on that later). Let’s get started. Oh hey, it’s Amanda’s boyfriend, Jordan! He actually gets to say a word in this episode, so good for you, bro! And he’s finally got a job. And now that J-Dog is making bank, Amanda and Jordan want a place of their own. Because of sex. And then Amanda and Chris arrive home with s@#$-eating grins on their faces. Amanda has gotten Chris’ name tattooed on […]


And Then There Were None: Lifetime airs BBC’s Agatha Christie miniseries

BBC One’s hit miniseries And Then There Were None, based on Agatha Christie’s 1939 masterpiece, makes its U.S. debut Sunday and Monday on Lifetime. Boasting an international cast toplined by Game of Thrones favorite Charles Dance, Peaky Blinders’ Sam Neill, Oscar nominee Miranda Richardson and Black Sails‘ Toby Stephens, None tells the story of 10 strangers with secretive pasts who are lured to remote Soldier Island as Europe marches toward World War II. Unable to escape, hostless and each accused of a terrible crime, the castaways begin dying under curious circumstances, leaving survivors scrambling to uncover the killer among them — or […]

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7

Recap: Little Women Atlanta Episode 7 “Savannah Showdown”

It’s nearly the end of Season 1 of Little Women: Atlanta, and we know what that means: ROAD TRIP!!! It’s a rite of passage for all reality series, and for Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7, we’re heading to Savannah. But first, we’ve got some TV drama to set up. First, Monie and Morlin go flower arranging so she can spill the tea on last week’s disastrous music video shoot. It was a s**t show from start to finish. I might have made a more professional-looking video with an iPhone and the stuff in my cube. And I have a whole […]

MotherDaughter Experiment Episode 2
Reality TV

The Mother/Daughter Experiment Episode 2

Recap – The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition Episode 2 – “Headlines Don’t Lie …” (Lifetime, original airdate 3/8/16) Here are my three main takeaways from tonight’s episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment: 1) Somehow Heidi and Natalie are BFFs now. I don’t know how/when/why, but whatever. 2) We might as well just call this show Other Celebrities Watch Courtney Sodden and Her Crazy Mom Be Crazy. 3) Krista has no idea what an actual medical emergency is. God help her if anything real ever happens. The episode picks up right after where Episode 1 left off: Courtney and Krista are in […]

Little Woman: Atlanta Episode 6

Recap: Little Women: Atlanta Episode 6 “Mo Monie, Mo Problems”

In last week’s explosive episode of Little Women: Atlanta, Bri and Emily got into a physical altercation with Andrea and Amanda in club boogalou. Bri and Emily rehash as the viewers get a second look at the ass-filled brewhaha. Bri and Em aren’t’ scared of the wonder twins and resolve to confront them when the group goes out that night. The Tiny Twins talk about the night before. “If Emily was worried about the baby, what was she doing at a club?” they wonder. They’re confused because they’ve known The Cheeks for over 5 years, and they were friends when […]

MotherDaughter Experiment
Reality TV

Recap – The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition Episode 1

The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition Episode 1 (Lifetime, original airdate 3/1/16) The first episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition is titled “The Mother of All Drama.” Aptly. It could also be titled, “Heidi’s Drunk and Puking in the Hall,” or “Heidi Starts Some Sh*t Right Off the Bat.” Sweet mother of mercy, let’s see what happened on the first episode … In the first part of the show, everyone except Courtney’s mom Krista shows up, either in pairs or alone, and we’re introduced to them and what they’re all about. (In yesterday’s preview of the show, I did a […]

Miss Juicy

5 Things You Must Know About Ms. Juicy From “Little Women: Atlanta”

Ms. Juicy, the polarizing star of Little Woman: Atlanta has a storied background in the entertainment industry. She’s not even one of the series’ regular cast members, but in the first half of  the season, she has inserted herself into much of the show’s drama, that we can’t even think of her not being a part of the show. Her outspokenness has made her perpetually quotable, and earned her legions of new fans — and plenty of detractors. We had an in-depth interview with Ms. Juicy, and here we break down some of the tastiest morsels into some bite-sized, must-know facts about the Queen […]

Mother Daughter Experiment

The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition — A Different Type of Mama Drama

When you throw 12 women into one house, you’re bound to get drama — that’s just a fact. When those 12 women are sets of mothers and daughters, things get more complicated. When those mother-daughter pairs are celebrities, you’d better get ready to hear a lot of bleeped-out words and watch some catfights. 😼 The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition is coming to Lifetime on March 1. This is not to be confused with the regular Mother/Daughter Experiment, which, uh, doesn’t exist. (The “Celebrity Edition” thing really threw me for a loop.) I couldn’t care less about regular mother-daughter problems. I […]

Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5

Recap Little Women: Atlanta Episode 5 “Bad Apples”

It’s been a busy week, Atlanta-lovers! Last week, after I posted my interview with Miss Minnie, I was contacted by Ms. Juicy’s team. She wanted to respond to Minnie’s statements. Of course, I was thrilled to let the Queen of the ATL speak her mind, so on Monday, we had a chat that was in a word — juicy. Ms. Juicy shared called Minnie a liar several times saying not only was Minnie’s relationship with Troy a lie, so is her pregnancy. Read the sizzle here. On to the episode! We know there’s going to be a fight tonight, and […]