Jane the Virgin Chapter 46 recap: This bites!

Well it doesn’t look like Jane is going to lose her virginity in this episode of Jane the Virgin either. It’s a good thing Michael made it out alive, but he’s not able to have his heartrate go up for another six weeks. That means hands off, you two! Yikes! Rogelio is talented at what he does but I don’t think he can add “swapping urine commercials” onto his resume. He’s right when he says that Esteban is ahead of him at becoming a crossover star. Wow, that is some cherry wallpaper Alba has! Just the perfect touch to keep […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 44 recap: Happily Never After?

It’s the Season 2 finale of Jane the Virgin and that means it’s finally time for Jane’s wedding! Let the adventure begin! Another huge milestone in this episode: Mateo finally takes his first few steps. How convenient that he learned how to walk just in time for his mom’s wedding. Michael’s back on the force. I guess his discovery of Rafael’s mom being tied up had something to do with that. In the end, I’m glad that he’s back to his job and doing what he loves. Remember when Xo slept with Rogelio’s No. 1 enemy last week? Yeah, well Esteban wanted […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 43 recap: Happy Birthday, Mateo!

With Jane’s wedding just two weeks away and Mateo’s birthday party celebration coming up, too, there’s a lot to plan on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Hopefully Mateo’s party will keep everyone sane instead of worrying about things like Derek and Mutter. Jane finally wedding planning under control, and Rogelio was able to get the new location on his set. But it doesn’t last. The cast of Tiago feels they are working too many hours, for too little pay. What does this mean? A strike, of course! Now Jane has to try to have the wedding earlier than planned. Rogelio knows […]

Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 Jane Matteo Alba Xo

Jane the Virgin Chapter 42 recap: Mother’s Day

This week on Jane the Virgin, Jane is thrilled to be spending her first Mother’s Day as a mom. Instead of carrying on the tradition of watching a telenovela with the other Villanueva women, Jane has new plans this year. Petra is hosting a Mother’s Day brunch and has invited Jane’s whole family, despite them not wanting to go. Looks like Jane is the only one appreciating Petra’s nice gesture.   Unfortunately, word got out about Anezka’s little stunt and now Jane’s college officials want answers. Jane swears she didn’t write the ad for writing college essays for money and surprisingly, her […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 41 recap: You’re Fired!

We take a trip back to the roaring twenties on this episode of Jane the Virgin. Things aren’t looking too good for Michael. His face is plastered on the front of the newspaper, along with being called corrupt. Some source says his connection with the Solano family comprised the entire investigation against Sin Rostro and Mutter. Rafael is also in trouble with the release of this news story. Whoever wrote it found out about Derek’s boat and now Derek wants answers about how this person knows this information. too. Rafael was the only person he spoke to about his boat […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 40 recap: Who’s Your Dada?

After last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, Xo and Jane aren’t exactly on speaking terms. In fact, it seems that these two are at war. Neither will apologize and that stubbornness is going to keep them apart. Lucky for Jane, she has a salsa dancing character to create for her new novel to keep her busy. I can already tell this is going to be a dramatic, colorful episode, and I love it! If you recall, Rogelio made the kind gesture of building the Villanueva house on set for Jane to keep her dream wedding alive. Sadly, the network […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 39 recap: Party Pooper

With Michael and Jane’s wedding only a few weeks away, the festivities can begin! On this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin we get a special invitation to Jane’s bachelorette party — and Michael’s bachelor party. Jane is planning everything about her party, so it doesn’t end up like the crazy party where she met Michael. A gun was fired, strippers almost showed up, and Xo passed out on the front stoop. That sounds like the perfect party for Xo and Lina, so I think they have some mischievous plans up their sleeves to “fix” Jane’s perfect bachelorette party. Rogelio’s […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 38 recap: Moving Out

Well Jane the Virgin fans, I guess the Villanueva women will have another seven years of bad luck thanks to Pablo. As if the flood kicking them out of their house wasn’t enough, Pablo is still lurking around with his bad luck. Of course, Alba has a long explanation of why all those unfortunate events happened, because she’s in love again. The other two Villanueva women are not buying it. Oh, how the tables have turned! Poor Jane wanted to get married at the house in six weeks, but after the laugh from the contractor, that’s most likely not going […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 37 recap: Pablo’s Curse

I know we took a weeklong break from Jane the Virgin but dang! Jane is only six weeks away from marrying Michael?! And it looks like she’s actually going through with the wedding this time. Jane has all her wedding plans set except for one thing: Rogelio’s RSVP to the wedding. She tries calling him again and Lola answers. Finally, Jane realizes that something must be wrong if he doesn’t respond to her after knowing she’s marrying his bromance partner. Lola has other plans for Rogelio which include a webcam and suicide. This can’t be good. Since the wedding is only […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 36 recap: Babies and a Ring!

Looks like Rafael is the only one getting busy in this episode of Jane the Virgin.  Even though he’s pretty sure he can’t have any kids, he’s not taking any chances. At least he’s thinking about making sure that he doesn’t have any more surprise babies. He’s also actually trying to work things out with Michael now that he’s back with Jane. Nothing is perfect but at least he’s trying. The Villanueva women think Rogelio is ignoring them while he’s on vacation, when he’s really being held hostage by his psycho prison pen pal turned stalker. Now that is a […]