Joanne Whalley on Esquire Network’s “Beowulf”

Fantasy film lovers will certainly remember Joanne Whalley from her star-making turn in the 1988 Ron Howard-directed, George Lucas-produced Willow. Over 25 years later, Whalley is back in another historical fantasy type of project, this time a series based on the classic poem Beowulf. If you’re into Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, it’s worth a look, as Whalley told me in a recent interview that, “we have it all. It’s quite an epic.” Part of what gives the series its epic look is its filming location. “It’s the northeast coast,” Whalley said, “so Northumberland. It’s so beautiful and so untouched. It’s wild. […]

Uncorked ep3 the grid

Uncorked episode 3 recap

There’s another mini-Master Sommelier exam happening in Uncorked episode 3. Jane & Jon talking about the test, which is now 6 weeks out. Dana for some reason heads out to the Pebble Beach Food & Wine event with Master Sommelier Alex. Yannick is doing a tasting test with a master sommelier, Pascaline LePeltier. He also introduces us to The Grid – what the tester uses to document all of the characteristics the student is describing in the wine. He finds out he goes too fast & cruises over aspects of the wine that are important. Pffft…. Argentinian Malbec… please. Jane […]

Uncorked episode 2 Jane shaking

Uncorked episode 2 recap: I would probably drop the glasses too

We’re now 2 months out from the Master Sommelier exam in Uncorked episode 2. Some hopefuls are preparing for the Top Somm competition, while others are working on a wine fundraiser. Dana and Morgan set up a practice service experience with Alex, a Master Sommelier. He challenges Dana by questioning just about every single wine suggestion he offers. No California wines! I was just in Australia! I had bad jamon once – no Spanish wines. He’s relishing being THAT GUY at a restaurant. Dana is then called out for not pouring the wine for the ladies first at the table. […]

Uncorked decanter

Uncorked Premiere Episode Recap

What do you think of when you think of wine? How tasty it is? How snobby it can be? The funny sounds people make while they’re tasting? Not drinking effing merlot? Uncorked premiere episode introduces us to the Master Sommelier test & 6 people preparing for an exam that will make their careers. It is also an exam that very few people (like around 200) have actually passed in its 40-some year history. Because of how hard this exam is, I’m assuming that we may see someone pass the exam, or we may not which is kind of unusual for […]


Esquire’s “Spotless” is dark, irreverent and terrific

Spotless, Esquire Network’s first scripted series, is actually a show that has been acquired from Canal+ in France, where the series first aired earlier this year. So while not technically “original” for the network, it is definitely worth checking out. Co-created by Shameless (the British version) writer Ed McCardie and CSI producer Corinne Marrinan, the series combines elements of those two shows in unique ways, throwing in dark humor in some of the grimmest of situations, usually murders and other crimes. The show also resembles Dexter and Breaking Bad in ways, with some gruesome scenes not for the squeamish, as […]

No Picture

Esquire Network and Discovery Family Channel celebrate “Back to the Future Day” with BTTF film marathon

Despite all the false memes you may have seen shared by your Facebook friends over the years, the actual date that Marty McFly arrived in the future from 1985, according to the movie Back to the Future Part II, is Oct. 21, 2015 (at 4:29pm, if you want to be really precise). And that date is now, finally, just around the corner, and there have been all sorts of commemorations and remembrances by and for fans, from Universal Studios creating a funny faux trailer for Jaws 19, which was showing in BTTF‘s vision of 2015; to people wondering with amazement if the Chicago […]


Esquire Network orders “American Ninja Warrior” spin-off series

Spinning off of its sister network NBC’s hit competition series American Ninja Warrior, Esquire Network announced today that it has ordered the new series Team Ninja Warrior, with eight one-hour episodes expected to premiere in early 2016 and produced by the same team behind ANW. Filming in Long Beach, Calif., from Oct. 21-23, and hosted by former NFL player and sports analyst Akbar Gbajabiamila, and comedian Matt Iseman, Team Ninja Warrior will feature some of the greatest ninja competitors from past seasons of American Ninja Warrior. For the first time, the obstacle course is now built for two, and competitors will race head-to-head in a […]

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2015 Running of the Bulls: LIVE Broadcast Information

Esquire network is airing live broadcasts from Pamplona’s 2015 Running of the Bulls. Beginning Tuesday, July 7, American viewers can watch LIVE as participants from around the globe fill the streets of Pamplona, Spain to participate in one of the world’s most iconic cultural traditions. So whether you’re a fan of Hemingway’s gripping account of the festival in The Sun Also Rises; love Billy Crystal in City Slickers, or just want to watch people tempt the horns of fate, set your alarm clocks verrrrrrry early to catch the events live. Esquire promises 25 cameras placed along the route, which runs […]

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Esquire Network documentary series to chronicle Clay Aiken’s congressional campaign

Clay Aiken, perhaps the most famous second-place finalist on American Idol (he was runner-up to Ruben Studdard in Season 2), came in second once again yesterday when North Carolina voters chose not to elect him to the House, opting to stick with incumbent representative Renee Ellmers. Had he won in the predominantly Republican 2nd Congressional District, Aiken, who ran as a Democrat, would have been the South’s first openly gay representative in Congress. The drama of Clay Aiken’s improbable congressional campaign will be chronicled in a four-hour documentary series for Esquire Network, set to premiere on the cable channel in […]

Sharknado 2

TCA: “Sharknado 2” is the feel-good movie of the summer

Monday was NBCUniversal cable day at the Television Critics Association 2014 Summer Press Tour, with panels for shows from USA Network, Syfy, Bravo, Oxygen, Esquire Network and more. Kicking off the day was USA Network’s DaVinci Code-like new limited series DIG, starring Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche. Described as a murder mystery set in the realm of biblical prophecies, DIG is in production in Jerusalem. Recent violence in the Holy Land may impact production of both DIG and FX’s Tyrant, but producers were still trying to assess the situation. We talked with Isaacs, who reveled in the opportunity to film […]