Nick Nolte and Sela Ward Headline New EPIX Dramedy Series Graves

With just a few weeks to go until the presidential election, everyone’s eyes and interest are turned toward politics, so this makes a perfect time for EPIX to debut its new dramedy series Graves. Nick Nolte, in all his gravelly voiced glory, stars as ex-U.S. President Richard Graves, who has a sudden epiphany when he looks back at the terrible state in which he left his country. Hoping to change things for the nation (as well as reshape his own legacy) after the fact, Graves embarks on a perhaps quixotic journey of redemption. Although Graves is a Republican, Nolte says that […]


Richard Armitage Calls His New EPIX Series Berlin Station a “Post-Technology Drama”

“I think Richard Burton in [The Spy Who Came in From the Cold] was one of the benchmark performances for me,” Berlin Station star Richard Armitage says as we sit and chat at the Beverly Hilton during a recent television critics press tour. We’re talking old-school Cold War spy thrillers with the actor, famed for his roles in The Hobbit movies and in the Hannibal TV series. “It’s such a sparse film,” Armitage continues. “It’s so interesting, when you talk about action, what we’ve become used to — because, of course, there are brilliant movies like the Bourne films — but when […]

Serena on EPIX

Serena on EPIX: New doc displays tennis champ’s heart, determination

The new EPIX documentary Serena brilliantly details the trials, defeats and ultimate successes tennis player Serena Williams experiences in her career. The film — which premieres Wednesday, June 22 — takes the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour of what goes on in Williams’ relatively private life. Williams deals with a variety of issues in the film — from her age to her race and even her gender — but she lets nothing hold her back. She knocks off her opponents one by one in her ultimate quest, earning 21 Grand Slam wins (and she’s not done yet). The seemingly unstoppable Williams plays the […]

Lampanelli Epix

Lisa Lampanelli Goes Back to the Drawing Board for EPIX

She lost 107 pounds, but didn’t lose her sense of humor (and why would she?) — Lisa Lampanelli, otherwise known as the “Queen of Mean,” still hilarious as ever, has gone Back to the Drawing Board in her latest comedy special, premiering tonight (June 26) on EPIX at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT). The hourlong special is the comedienne’s fifth stand-up special, and nobody is safe. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lampanelli, she’s brash, vulgar, and she makes fun of pretty much every minority group out there. I doubt many people could get away with saying what she […]