Empire Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Wait to Strike

The fall finale of Empire is already here and Cookie is now in charge of putting together Angelo’s People’s Ball, formerly known as the Captain’s Ball, for his political campaign. Will everything run smoothly just like she planned? Uh oh. Looks like Freda’s little rapping session that Shine recorded helped Tariq pin her father’s death on Lucious with some more clues. The initials MM and BK were seen in an email associated with Lucious and once Freda rapped about the men whose initials these belonged to, Tariq had a crystal clear connection between the two men and Lucious. Journalist Edison […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Catfight on the Catwalk

It’s the final episode before the Empire midseason finale! Cookie has to try to juggle pleasing Angelo’s mom, Diana, while keeping her family and company in check. We’re rooting for you, Cook! Tiana’s headlining the annual HVW Fashion Show for Ms. Helen von Wyeth. That means Cookie has to act a little bougie like Angelo’s mom to keep the designer happy. Angelo can’t stop gushing about Cookie’s work to his mom, but Diana is the one who steals the spotlight. She already knows the fashion show’s designer. Since she’s taken charge now, Diana asks Jamal to record a new song […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Tough Love

On last week’s episode of Empire, we almost lost Jamal (again) and Cookie ended her relationship with Angelo because her cookies were shown to the whole world during his run for mayor. With the midseason finale only two episodes away, who knows what’s ahead? Angelo shows up at Cookie’s door with her much-needed coffee and a little extra sugar. He gives her an ultimatum and Cookie tells Angelo that she’s back in. Yay! I ship these two so much. Lucious is still riding Jamal, telling him that he doesn’t have the numbers needed on Empire X Stream because he isn’t […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: You Just Got Hacked!

Halloween is over but on this week’s episode of Empire, the zombies are back. For some reason, Tiana’s song has hacked the Lyon family’s electronics to where they can’t shut off her song. Her face on the album cover changes from perfection to a broken, dead zombie. What is going on?! Lucious gets a special message with his Tiana song hack. “Lucious Lyon…you got got.” Okay, who is rick-rolling the Lyons? Someone has hacked into Empire’s emails and Lucious is ready to chop off some heads. They need to move quickly before the hacker gets into Empire X Stream’s subscribers’ […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Brothers Divided

Uh oh! Shine wasn’t lying on last week’s Empire when he said he wanted to kill some Lyons. Lucious is always one step ahead of everyone and knows that Shine would want to start a war. He’s got his back covered with armed cars and undercover cops around every corner. Unlike his father, Andre wasn’t suspecting a surprise visit from Shine. Andre turns around to see Shine pointing a gun at him along with all his henchmen. Andre got lucky when Shine’s first gun didn’t go off. He tested his luck again when Shine’s second gun went off but Nessa […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Different Worlds

Andre might have just lost his wife in a tragic accident, but I think new sparks are flying between him and Nessa on this episode of Empire. Never would’ve expected that one. Maybe Andre is just the thing Lucious needs to help win over Nessa now that he has to compete for her. Jamal is persistent on working things out with Freda. I’m not sure if he’s trying to visit her to get over his PTSD or if he wants to repair their relationship but I know I wouldn’t have the strength to visit the person who shot me. Ouch! […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: How to be a Lyon

In tonight’s episode of Empire, Lucious is worried that his new brilliant idea, Empire X Stream, will make him lose money in the end. He needs exclusive songs fast and it doesn’t seem like Jamal is ready for recording any time soon. So what does Lucious do? Go against Jamal and try to release his Black and White album that Jamal didn’t want released. At least Andre isn’t in jail. With the press swarming around the police department, Andre is coached to hide himself and not “go all Black Lives Matter” on the crowd. What kind of a lawyer/friend says […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Stage Fright

Is it Cookie’s birthday or is Lucious really trying to buy her? He’s gone mad if he thinks he can buy her a few things and call it even. On last week’s episode of Empire, Cookie told him she was done with him and she meant it. Yikes! I see things aren’t any better at Lucious’ house. Anika needs help taking care of Bella, so she tries hiring a nanny. Nope. That’s not going to fly in Lucious’ house. Leah tries to help by telling Anika she would be willing to take care of Bella. Once again…nope. Anika yells at […]


Empire Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: A Lyon Cub is Born

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means…Empire is back for Season 3! Which also means…someone is getting pushed off a balcony! NO! I wasn’t ready for this. It was Rhonda that fell off the balcony! I’m sorry, but I was kind of hoping it would have been Anika. Andre can’t live with this! As if that wasn’t enough, Anika’s water breaks as Andre starts choking her because he saw Rhonda get pushed off the balcony. Hakeem is too worried about getting left at the altar that he pops up at Tiana’s house, looking for some sugar. Boy, put […]


Empire Season 2 Finale Recap: The Cycle Never Ends

After last week’s shocking episode of Empire, I was a little afraid to see what the Season 2 finale would bring. The last time we saw Jamal, he was being rushed to the hospital after being shot by Freda — who was really aiming for Lucious. Despite the rumors that Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal, wasn’t returning, I’m happy to say that Jamal is okay! He returns home after three weeks and tells his family that he wants the violent cycle that’s taken over their family to end. Until that ends, Jamal doesn’t want to sing. Someone please convince Jamal to never stop […]