Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan Talks ‘Lucha Underground,’ Pushing Boundaries and Winning Over Fans in the Process

Joey Ryan isn’t someone who got a major run in WWE, yet he has organically developed a fan following by fearlessly pushing boundaries to entertain. This coupled with his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit has made the lollipop sucker with the Selleck stash a must-see attraction at pro wrestling events around the world. The 37-year-old has worked with a number of major promotions and can be seen on Lucha Underground as Officer Meehan. “It’s deeper than a backstage promo and wrestling match,” he said of the series. “That’s what’s different and cool about it. It has more of the feel of an […]


Pentagon Dark on his plans to rule Lucha Underground

Much like the awakening of Darth Vader in Star Wars, the already sinister Pentagon Jr. added another layer of evil when he transformed into Pentagon Dark in the world of Lucha Underground. Even though the performer doesn’t speak English, the star has been able to connect with fans through his persona, actions and hand gestures (Cero Miedo). “Pentagon Jr. comes from Mexico,” he said, describing what makes Pentagon Dark different. “The black and white signifies the good and the bad. That’s I how I feel right now. That’s the reason for the colors of the mask. AAA in Mexico is […]

Cage Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground star Cage on why he is the true Machine of pro wrestling

Brian Cage is known as “The Machine” of Lucha Underground. Built like a tank, yet flies like an acrobat. Viewers of the El Rey Network series marvel at his athletic ability. The 32-year-old has earned the respect of the fans inside the sacred Temple in Boyle Heights, Calif. as a dominant force. Cage is proud at not only Lucha’s evolution over the last three seasons, but his own along with it. “I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin,” he said. “The people at Lucha Underground have treated me very well. It’s good television. We have kept really strong. […]


Johnny Mundo on Lucha Underground Season 2, Ultima Lucha Dos

From entrance to in-ring style, Johnny Mundo is the very definition of flash on Lucha Underground. And during season two of the series the performer found a perfect female counterpart in Taya. The duo has complimented each other quite well, feather boots and all. “It’s been fun to collaborate with someone who has this ability to roll with the punches and improve and go with the flow. She is amazing,” Mundo said, leading up to Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Dos 8 p.m. Wednesdays on El Rey Network. “It’s fun to work with her. We crack up the whole time and […]


Rey Mysterio on joining Lucha Underground and making the transition from WWE

The signing of Rey Mysterio has injected even more legitimacy and star power to Lucha Underground. Among the most popular professional wrestlers in history, the masked legend is appearing in Season 2 of the buzzworthy series that airs Wednesdays at 8/7CT on El Rey Network. When Mysterio left WWE it almost became a matter of when, not if, he would show up in the Temple. “Once I had complete release from WWE, then we really started to think of a game plan,” he said. “We didn’t know whether it was going to be the end of season one or the beginning […]


Catrina talks evolution of ‘Lucha Underground’ and what season two brings

The sultry and seductive Catrina no doubt made a solid impression as one of the breakout stars of season one of Lucha Underground. Now the venomous vixen is ready to pick up where she left off when the show returns Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 8/7CT on El Rey Network. When the concept was initially pitched to her, with names like Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett on board, it was hard for her not to be interested. Catrina — real name Karlee Perez — is enjoying the creative freedom that comes with working on the series. “Lucha Underground was like an answer to […]


Johnny Mundo talks Lucha Underground and what season two will bring

When Johnny Mundo joined Lucha Underground, it renewed his passion for professional wrestling. The exciting performer gained worldwide notoriety during his run as John Morrison in WWE. He left the organization to broaden his resume with new projects that would help him flex his creative muscle. Lucha Underground has given him the opportunity to do just that. The series generated buzz within the industry as the show’s first season began to air on El Rey Network in 2014. Besides showcasing the fast-paced and athletic style of lucha libre, it had a slick presentation not different than what you would find […]

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TCA: El Rey Network announces From Dusk Till Dawn series premiere date, lucha libre show

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez discussed upcoming projects and programming on his new El Rey Network, including the premiere date for his From Dusk Till Dawn series, today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Named for a fictional town in several of his films and curated by Rodriguez himself, El Rey Network features content — from original series and films to sports coverage — designed to appeal to an adventurous viewership and, he says, give Hispanic audiences their due in the television landscape. “A lot of the country doesn’t see itself in a positive, iconic way,” Rodriguez explained in a […]