Treasure Quest Crew Gets A “Professional Babysitter”? Meet Brett Tutor

It was a dream come true for survival expert Brett Tutor when he took a call from Treasure Quest: Snake Island’s Jeremy Whalen and Cork Graham. The famed expedition leaders were looking for someone with wilderness survival and emergency medical training for their second expedition, which will be chronicled in Season 2 of Treasure Quest: Snake Island beginning Friday, Nov. 4 at 10pm ET on Discovery Channel. Tutor proved to be their man. “If I get a call asking me to go treasure hunting in the jungle, I’m going to say yes,” Tutor says on being the newest member of […]

Dave Turin of Gold Rush

Gold Rush’s Dave Turin on Todd Being Nuts and What They Never Saw Coming

“Can you believe it’s gone seven years?” Dave Turin asks. He’s talking about Discovery Channel’s hit series Gold Rush that starts its seventh season this Friday (Oct. 14 at 9pm ET/PT). “ I remember Season 1 and thinking nobody had any idea. We had no clue that the show was going to be any good or successful.” We didn’t either. We had no clue what a sluice box was or what kind of money you could make mining. We had no idea of all the headaches involved in the equipment. Nor did we anticipate being scared of hell of this […]

Blue Collar Backers on Discovery Channel

Blue Collar Backers Want to Know Just How Hard You’re Willing to Work

You’d better be willing to put in some serious sweat equity before even thinking of asking Cameron Davies for his financial support. Davies, owner of Cruising Kitchens and mentor/investor on Discovery Channel’s Blue Collar Backers (Fridays), is one of a handful of investors who are sharing their personal experiences and pocketbooks to help budding entrepreneurs make their dreams of owning a business a reality. “For a small business to make it these days, you have to work your ass off, and it’s not just 40-hour workweeks,” Davies says. “I work 90 hours a week right now. So I have to […]

Naked and Afraid XL Season Finale

Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Season Finale (Episode 8) “The Last Roar”

We’ve almost made it, team. While our brave survivalists, Darrin, Steven, Stacey, Alyssa, and part of Jake are only 3/4 of the way through their 40-day South African survival experience, we know that tonight is the Naked and Afraid XL season finale. So either we’re 1) gonna have a heck of a lot of montages, 2) they’re gonna cut out a lot of the lying around, or 3) they don’t make it the full 40 days. I’m hoping for combo of Option 1 and 2; we have a whole lotta story to wade through before extraction. Last week was insane. Three (and a half) […]