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Food Network announces Cutthroat Kitchen Superstar Sabotage cast, schedule!

For three-plus seasons, amused fans of Alton Brown’s deliciously devious Food Network cooking competition Cutthroat Kitchen have watched chefs from around the country struggle to create tasty dishes under comically challenging circumstances. Stuff like handling sharp knives and delicate ingredients while wearing a toy Incredible Hulk fist, or crafting Bananas Foster from teeny-weeny banana candies — hardships foisted on them by fellow competitors, all of whom started out with $25,000 to spend judiciously (or not) on the silly sabotages in an effort to be the last chef standing with their cooking cred intact and a few bucks in their pocket. […]

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We talk Cutthroat Kitchen with Alton Brown!

Yes, Alton Brown’s new Food Network series Cutthroat Kitchen features top-notch chefs competing to create prize-winning dishes. But here’s where it swerves into ingeniously original territory. It’s up to them to determine what their final prize is. And, much of the time, what they’re willing to do to earn it. Which, Brown says, makes Cutthroat Kitchen as much a game show as it is a cooking competition. If you’ve heard about the show or seen the promos and still find yourself a little flummoxed about how the whole thing goes down, here’s the gist. A different quartet of chefs competes […]