‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’: Cast Members Talk the Sexy Bravo Series’ Goodbye Season

In 2014, Buffy the Vampire Slayer producer/scribe Marti Noxon introduced audiences to a group of women unlike any we’d seen before on TV. Ladies with oft-wobbly careers, rubbled relationships, an ironclad friendship and hopeful hearts wrapped by turns in whipped cream and barbed wire. Ladies who weren’t shy about effing up or letting their angst fly. And so, anchored by Lisa Edelstein’s struggling self-help author Abby McCarthy, the titular girlfriends of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce let the rest of us frazzled females grab a glass and commiserate, even as we coveted their fab digs, wardrobes and ability to cry pretty. […]

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Imposters: Inbar Lavi Plays a Sexy Con In Bravo’s New Scripted Series

Do you ever truly know the one you’re with? Well-known adage. Timeworn plot point that threatens cliché. Still, each of us feels those nervous flickers now and then (oh, yes you do), and thus, duplicity remains irresistible to storytellers, moviegoers and TV watchers alike. And probably will till the end of time. After serving us a tasty, comic dose of that via its current dramedy Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Bravo tries its hand at spine-tingling drama with the new original series Imposters. Produced and penned by GGTD’s Paul Adelstein and Mozart in the Jungle’s Adam Brooks, the pulse-pounder stars The […]

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We talk Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Season 3 with Marti Noxon, Lisa Edelstein

If the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Season 3 premiere is any indication, this season is a hearteningly world-wise departure from its predecessors, in which any wound could be salved with a bender, a fling and a limo with a sunroof. Great news for fans who worship our ladies but worried GGTD had begun wasting compelling characters played by pitch-perfect actors with delicious chemistry. Last season’s finale hinted at major change, and that plays out well in the Season 3 debut, which blends heartrending moments and genuine laughs into intriguing new chapters for all. Shunned by SheShe and facing menopause, self-help […]

Jill Kargman's Odd Mom Out

Jill Kargman’s Odd Mom Out is raw summer fun

Jill Kargman talks a witty mile a minute, all unfiltered. The Upper East Side New Yorker is the author of Momzillas (now in 14 languages) and a slew of other fun reads. She’s mastered the art of satire when it comes to the uber-wealthy, exploiting their over-the-top, competitive parenting (while still maintaining friendships with them — as she is the daughter of former Chanel chairman Arie Kopelman). It was a given to extend her brazen candor into television in Bravo’s new scripted series Odd Mom Out, which begins Monday, June 8 at 10pm ET. Kargman serves as executive producer, writer […]

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Tom Colicchio is Searching for America’s “Best New Restaurant”

Chef Tom Colicchio is well known as a restaurateur of dining meccas including Craft and Gramercy Tavern, and as the head judge of Top Chef. Now he is hosting Best New Restaurant, a new culinary competition on Bravo, where delicious food is only part of the battle. In the cutthroat culinary world, where 60 percent of new restaurants close or change ownership within three years of opening, 16 of America’s top young restaurants are vying to be called the best. But the competition looks at much more than food. Colicchio warns that even if the food is stellar, a restaurant […]

Jake and Abby argue in Girlfriends Guide to Divorce episode 5

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce recap: “Leave Childishness to the Children”

In last night’s episode of Bravo’s Girlfriends Guide to Divorce — “Rule #21, Leave Childishness to the Children” — we learn that older isn’t always wiser, three can indeed be crowd and every mama keeps at least a couple secrets to herself. As she deals with belligerent teen daughter Lilly and a mouthy literary rival named Cleo, Abby (Lisa Edelstein) does manage to score one in the win column. While racing through her neighborhood mini mart for a tube of sunscreen, she runs into the studly roadblock that is Will (Warren Christie), her dance club manager hookup from episode 1. She once again rebuffs him, but he insists […]