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Life After Chuck: Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian on ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4

The fiery death of his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) accelerates Jimmy McGill’s (Bob Odenkirk) transformation into Saul Goodman in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4. […]

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‘Better Call Saul’: Is This the Season Jimmy Goes “Saul” in? We ask Bob Odenkirk!

When Better Call Saul debuted more than a year after its iconic predecessor Breaking Bad ended, fans were itchy to see prankster Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) morph into Bad’s shameless shyster Saul Goodman — pronto. Then something unexpected happened. We all fell for Jimmy — loving, loyal, funny, fumbling Jimmy — and his kooky (and sometimes genius) resourcefulness and joie de vivre. And yet, we knew the honeymoon couldn’t last. Both shows’ producers, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, confirmed that this is, indeed, the season that Jimmy begins to break Goodman, as an angrier-than-ever Chuck (Michael McKean) seeks revenge for […]

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Better Call Saul Season 2 episode 5 recap: Kim hustles, Jimmy struggles and Mike makes a new “friend”

Welcome back, Better Call Saul fans. And thanks to those of you who are helping me scrape off my considerable Breaking Bad rust. I’ll do my best to shape up, swears. Accept this Beanie Baby as my make-up gift. We start tonight’s episode, “Rebecca,” at with a persistent electric hum and Chuck with a lightbulb — a lightbulb! — in his mouth. His mouth. It’s a jarring sight to say the least. Is this flashback Chuck? His eyebrows do look a dab darker. It’s flashback Chuck — changing a bulb in the chandelier that now goes unused in his home. He has a […]


Better Call Saul recap Season 2 episode 4: Lies, damned lies and statistics…

Welcome back, Better Call Saul fans. Time to find out some things. Like Mike’s ultimate interpretation of Nacho’s no good, very bad idea from the end of last week’s episode. Like Cliff’s interpretation of Jimmy’s no good, very bad (but very effective) idea, in the form of his Sham-gela Lansbury ad. Like Kim’s interpretation of Jimmy’s latest interpretation of a good legal idea. Like Chuck’s ability to prove a point. • Better Call Saul‘s Michael McKean: Chuck is not the bad guy • Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn: Kim knows who Jimmy is We open “Gloves Off” in the dark, […]


Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn: Kim knows who Jimmy is

Better Call Saul fans are thrilled to see the splendid Rhea Seehorn logging more screen time as put-upon litigator Kim Wexler in Season 2 of the Breaking Bad spinoff, airing Mondays on AMC. As Kim — Jimmy McGill’s biggest fan, sometime lover and longtime conscience — the actress has much to do as Bob Odenkirk’s morally flexible jurist marches ever closer to becoming outright shyster Saul Goodman. “With Kim, it’s just as much about what she doesn’t say as what she does say,” Seehorn says of her no-nonsense character, “and that intelligence continues in her relationships. Kim does not love and support […]


Better Call Saul Season 2 episode 3 — Schmaltz across Texas

For my money, there is no one better at opening an episode than Vince Gilligan and company. No one. And tonight’s Better Call Saul episode “Amarillo” boasts a doozy. With Ernest Tubb crooning “Waltz Across Texas” as his accompaniment, Jimmy strikes a classic cowboy pose. You know the one. The stuff cowboy-silhouette yard art is made of. Decked in a Stetson, armadillo bolo tie and cowboy boots — apparently Wrangler does not make business suits — our guy leans against a wall that’s painted like a giant Texas flag. He’s, indeed, in Amarillo. A passenger van pulls up and the driver gets out, apologizing […]


Better Call Saul Season 2 episode 2 recap: It don’t mean squat

When I spoke to Michael McKean prior to the start of Better Call Saul Season 2, he promised me that, soon enough, people would have a better understanding of Chuck’s trepidations about baby brother Jimmy. On tonight’s episode, “Cobbler,” we begin to see why. And to see flickers of the Saul that Breaking Bad fans knew — know — and loved, despite ourselves. And feels pangs for all we now know he has to lose. Also, we get a new McGill-ism to add to the BCS vernacular. But more about that later. It’s worth the wait. Pie fans, consider yourself warned. We […]


Better Call Saul Season 2: Has Jimmy chucked Chuck for good? We ask Michael McKean

When we left Better Call Saul’s brothers McGill, Chuck the elder (Michael McKean) had dealt Jimmy the younger (Bob Odenkirk) a one-two punch of heartache, handing over Jimmy’s big nursing home case to Chuck’s own firm, while letting his baby brother know just what he thought of him as a jurist, if not a person altogether. And while Jimmy got a shot at redemption via a job offer from another prestige firm (and some clarity into the real reason Howard Hamlin was such a shmuck to him all these years), a return trip home and the loss of Marco — […]


Better Call Saul Season 1 finale recap: Jimmy returns to Cicero in “Marco”

No one can break your heart — or your will — like kin. And as we reach the Better Call Saul Season 1 finale knowing Chuck sabotaged Jimmy’s law career from the get-go, preferring his baby brother serve as his errand boy and not his equal (and, worse, that Big Brother McGill has every intention of profiting further from the Sandpiper Crossing case), it’s a stinging reminder that no matter how your adult years go, family has a knack for keeping you the kid who crashed the Chrysler right up unto the grave. The revelation leaves Jimmy at a crossroads. The only family member he has […]


Better Call Saul episode 109 recap — Pimento

With just a week to go until the Better Call Saul Season 1 finale, we open with Chuck and Jimmy sitting side by side on a park bench near Chuck’s house on a lovely, sunny day. Chuck is zeroed in on the power lines overhead, but Jimmy tells him to kick off his shoes and feel the grass between his toes. Remember what it feels like to enjoy the great outdoors. Chuck does as he’s told, then changes the subject back to the Sandpiper Crossing case. Chuck tells Jimmy they must stay on their toes, because Schweikert is sure to file a restraining […]