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“Mars” Departs, “Ashes” Arrives

By ElaineB ABC announced Monday that it is canceling Life on Mars – bad news for fans of the quirky American version of the British series. But if there is one thing the network folks have learned from the disastrous season a few years back – in which heavily plotted shows like Surface and Invasion simply Vanished from the air – it’s that even short-run series must have a resolution. So if you have been immersed in this throwback-to-the-past police drama, you’ll at least be able to find out what happened to Sam before the series takes its final bow […]

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Britz: The heartbreak, the anger, the attempt at understanding

When I was very young, one of my earliest memories was of hearing the whispers in my family concerning relatives who were fighting the communists in Hungary. My grandparents were concerned, certainly. These were people they had known before they came to America. My mother, who tried so hard to fit in, was concerned but more for her parents than for people she did not know. As for me,  who did not speak Hungarian and was only a small child, I could only listen to the whispers and worry. But it did affect me. Later in life, I became for […]