Dietland AMC Joy Nash

‘Dietland’ on AMC: Star Joy Nash Talks Marti Noxon’s ‘Feminist Revenge Fantasy’

Check out the website of any celebrity rag and you’ll see the problem. Here’s a story about the latest woman to call out a high-profile male colleague for behavior that’s Neanderthal at best and felonious at worst. Right next to it? Twenty-year-old models tell us how to rock Daisy Duke shorts! And here’s where to buy every last bit of a former Spice Girl’s thousand-dollar skincare routine. Raise your hand if you enjoy being a girl! The heart of Dietland, Marti Noxon’s new satirical dramedy (based on the critically acclaimed 2015 novel by Sarai Walker), is aspiring journalist Plum Kettle’s […]


‘James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction’: Cinema’s Sci-Fi Master Plays Favorites on AMC

From the moment Arnold Schwarzenegger’s part human, part cyborg killing machine strode onto movie screens in 1984’s The Terminator, movie buffs counted cowriter/director James Cameron among the go-to guys for cinematic sci-fi thrills. This month, AMC turns over its Visionaries docuseries franchise to the Hollywood multihyphenate for an exploration of the beloved genre’s roots, evolution and massive popularity via interviews with Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Greg Nicotero, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, Will Smith, Sigourney Weaver and others. “We tried to pick a few milestone pieces of popular culture — often movies or TV shows — and then go back […]

Gus, Jimmy and Mike Better Call Saul Season 3

‘Better Call Saul’: Is This the Season Jimmy Goes “Saul” in? We ask Bob Odenkirk!

When Better Call Saul debuted more than a year after its iconic predecessor Breaking Bad ended, fans were itchy to see prankster Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) morph into Bad’s shameless shyster Saul Goodman — pronto. Then something unexpected happened. We all fell for Jimmy — loving, loyal, funny, fumbling Jimmy — and his kooky (and sometimes genius) resourcefulness and joie de vivre. And yet, we knew the honeymoon couldn’t last. Both shows’ producers, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, confirmed that this is, indeed, the season that Jimmy begins to break Goodman, as an angrier-than-ever Chuck (Michael McKean) seeks revenge for […]

The Son AMC Pierce Brosnan

‘The Son’: Pierce Brosnan Saddles Up for AMC’s Sweeping Drama

Pierce Brosnan sits across from me at a bistro table in the Southern California sunshine. He wears an impeccably tailored, steel gray suit that complements his salt-and-pepper hair. His blue eyes gleam. That voice — Brosnan doesn’t just answer questions, he orates. And all I (and most likely all the other diners stealing glances at the actor) can think is Bond. James Bond. That may soon change to McCullough. Eli McCullough. Brosnan plays the wily Texas rancher and oilman in AMC’s new period drama The Son — his first starring role in series television since Remington Steele made the debonair […]

Into the Badlands The Widow

Into The Badlands: What’s Up With Your Favorites As AMC’s Martial Arts Spectacle Returns

Expect a six-month time jump when AMC’s eye-popping martial arts fantasy Into the Badlands debuts its second season this month. “We like the idea of letting people settle into their new places and allowing the world to recover a little bit from the events of the end of Season 1,” explains Alfred Gough, who created the show with his longtime producing partner Miles Millar. “We see our characters scattered across the Badlands and into other areas as well and we also introduce new characters. For us, this season was all about expanding the world.” Gough and Millar reveal where you’ll […]

Carrie Anne Moss Humans

Humans on AMC: We Have 5 Questions For Carrie-Anne Moss!

AMC’s spine-tingling artificial intelligence drama Humans returns for Season 2 on Feb. 13 with Niska (Emily Berrington), Mia (Gemma Chan) and the rest of their synth family scattered, the Hawkins family fractured, and new additions to the cast. Among them — The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss as Dr. Athena Morrow. Morrow, a brilliant A.I. scientist, sees opportunity to advance her own ideals in an employment offer from Elon Musk-type tech renegade Milo Khoury, played by fellow new addition Marshall Allman (Nashville’s Sam Palladio signs on, too).“She lives and breathes her work,” Moss tells Channel Guide of her intense character. “She isn’t […]

Walking Dead Season 7 Carol

The Walking Dead: Will Carol Join The Fight? We Ask Melissa McBride!

Take heart, Carol fans! We have a promise that we’ll see much more of our favorite little born-again pacifist in the cottage by The Kingdom, straight from Melissa McBride, who plays her. When The Walking Dead Season 7 returns Feb. 12, the rest of the Grimes Gang has reunited to gather ranks for the war on Negan — and while McBride couldn’t tell us if she joins in, she had much to say about the determining factors. Carol’s need for solitude is a hotly debated topic. What’s your take? Melissa McBride: When I think of where she’s come from, with a […]

Walking Dead Carl

Recap: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7: We’ve got some stuff to iron out here …

I didn’t recap last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. In part because of the Thanksgiving holiday and a whole lotta people in my house. Mostly, though, because it felt so far removed from a TWD episode — even though they’re regularly all over the map now, literally and figuratively — that I didn’t have much to say about it. Those sandy walkers were ultra cool, but about all that “Superglib Tara in Murderous Lady Land” did for me was reveal that, at least in one village, Negan wiped out every soul who physically had a set of balls. Figuratively […]