The Killing Season airs on A&E Saturdays

The Killing Season Documents How Serial Killers Are Terrorizing Our Country, Not Just Long Island

Serial killers are roaming our nation right now and few people are paying attention. Documentarians Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills look to change this with The Killing Season, a chilling wake-up call to the mass carnage occurring across our nation. The eight-episode, can’t-turn-away docuseries is a candid, emotional and active investigation into identifying these serial killers. The series will air on A&E Saturdays at 9/8c beginning Nov. 12. The Killing Season starts with Zeman and Mills going back to Long Island’s Ocean Parkway, a dark, desolate stretch of highway where in 2010 police uncovered four female bodies wrapped in burlap […]

60 days In Sheriff Jamey Noel talks Season 2

Sheriff Noel Tells Us How They Pulled Off Season 2 Of 60 Days In

Cable’s No. 1 nonfiction series — Season 2 of 60 Days In — returns to A&E tonight (Aug. 18 at 9/8c) with a fresh group of recruits trying to survive behind bars. Indiana’s Sheriff Jamey Noel took a big risk when he introduced a new program that planted over 100 cameras and a group of innocent individuals (all volunteers) into Clark County Jail. The result was a riveting social study of survival that made A&E’s 60 Days In the No. 1 nonfiction series on cable this year. But, more importantly, it was an informative tell-all on the internal corruption occurring […]