Monica the Medium, Episode 5

Recap: Monica the Medium, Episode 5 “Heaven on Hold”

Monica is a tired lassie, there’s a lot on her plate and her heavy schedule of readings has her drained both emotionally and physically. Communicating with the dead is a lot more than simply listening, there’s an unseen energy exchange that takes a toll on the reader. Thankfully there’s plenty of water in her extra-huge glass, because gurl needs to hydrate! Monica’s sister’s are visiting (yay!) and they’re celebrating big sis Vanessa’s recent promotion (double yay!). At the sisters’ celebratory lunch, Monica’s spider senses start to tingle and her attention is drawn to two girls sitting at the restaurant’s bar. […]

Monica The Medium, Episode 4

Recap: Monica The Medium, Episode 4: “Junior Slump”

Mommy is coming! Mommy is coming! Hide your candles and crystals because we finally get to meet Monica’s mom (whom Monica does a killer impression of). But first, Monica has a classy issue. She’s not doing well in a statistics class. BFF Krista’s solution? First, have coffee. Then, find Mon a cute math tutor. Monica and Krista also decide to have a singles bash at their casa, because it’s been a whole three episodes since their last throw down. But this one is for the single ladies (cue Beyoncé) but only the single ladies who are named Monica, Krista and […]

Monica The Medium, Episode 3

Recap: Monica the Medium, Episode 3 “Spirit Needs An Office”

Monica is having clients over to the house for a se$$ion, (she’s got bills to pay, yo!) but her roomies are total piggos! So while Monica cleans up the dirty plates and abandoned banana peels (gross) she also has to find someone to dog-sit her dog, Luna. Krista is enlisted to help, but I wonder if Monica should look into getting loony Luna trained as a therapy dog. Or at least get that pooch some obedience classes. Monica’s clients arrive to Monica’s house and her now clean living room. The space has lots of candles, but is waaay too bright to […]

Monica The Medium, Episode 2

Recap: Monica the Medium, Episode 2 “Spirit At Work”

Last week we got to know hip, young medium, Monica Ten-Kate, and got to witness her heart-stopping abilities in action. But this show is more than just the adventures of a young woman who stops people in her college town and gives them readings, Monica The Medium also explores the day to day lives of an average woman (Albeit one with a very unusual ability) and her friends. Monica’s sisters are still visiting and after Monica complains about how high her bills are, her sisters suggest she gets a part-time job. “Look at my work friends — a gaggle of […]

Monica The Medium, Episode 1

Recap: Monica The Medium, Episode 1, “Blind Date Surprise”

Monica Ten-Kate is your average college student who is busy hanging out with roommates, taking classes and trying to find a cute guy. And… she talks to dead people. Ten-Kate is a medium, who discovered her gift in high school, but who kept it a secret until college. Monica’s journey as a normal woman with an extraordinary ability is chronicled In ABC Family’s new reality series, Monica the Medium. Monica generously answered my questions for a revealing profile and she is incredibly honest about the incredible life she leads. I an interested to learn more about Monica and see for […]

Monica The Medium

“Monica The Medium” Makes A Campus Connection

Monica Ten-Kate is a pretty normal college student — with one heavenly difference. “I am a spirit medium,” she explains. “I have the gift of being able to communicate with those who have crossed over.” How she balances her life as a college student and someone who can talk with the dead is chronicled in ABC Family’s new series Monica the Medium. Ten-Kate says she has always been empathetic, but in high school her intuition went into overdrive and, she recalls, “My friends would be telling a story of their deceased loved one and I would hear or see the […]

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Reality TV

TCA: ABC Family’s Startup U star Tim Draper: “We teach future, not history”

Third generation venture capital investor and Draper University founder Tim Draper appeared before the Television Critics Association this morning to talk about his new ABC Family reality series Startup U. Set on the university’s Silicon Valley campus — where, Draper says, his immersive program “transforms ordinary people into heroic entrepreneurs” — Startup U stars Draper, his former student turned program director Charlie Taibi, 26, Draper University entrepreneur in residence Sequoia Blodgett, 31, and ten students eager to become business legends. Draper told reporters that some 400 students from around the globe have gone through the program, launching 220 companies and scoring $22 […]

Kevin From Work

Fall In Love With Kevin From Work

  ABC Family borrows from the best in its new single-camera series Kevin From Work. In the cute and clever pilot, Kevin (Noah Reid, Backpackers) accepts an overseas job and crows, “I finally get to leave the worst job in history!” In an act of alcohol-fueled bravado, he pens an admission of love to his office crush, but when the dream job falls through, he has to return to his old job and the fallout of his lovelorn confession. Reid describes Kevin as “the Everyman” who often falls victim to the adage that nice guys finish last. “Things don’t quite […]

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Melissa Joan Hart Says Goodbye In “Melissa & Joey” Finale

Melissa Joan Hart shares how she feels to be ending her ABC Family comedy, Melissa & Joey, after four seasons. Hart not only starred in the series, she also served as its executive producer. “It was like graduation on an adult level,” she says. “We’d been together for 6 years so with these goodbyes; it was this ever-present feeling that every moment counted. Every moment, we were all so there, so awake, so alive.” Hart also admits that she left the series with a few mementos. “I took a lot of things from the set — don’t tell ABC Family. […]

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Watch Yourself, “Freak Out” is Back!

ABC’s freaky and funny hidden camera show returns with new scares and a fresh crop of unsuspecting marks. Freak Out first aired as part of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween. Now, the series is back with even bigger scares. In each episode, unsuspecting mark witness their greatest fears coming to life before their eyes. What they don’t know is they’ve been set up by the people who know them best and are supposed to love them most — their friends and family members. Executive Producer SallyAnn Salsano reveals the motivation behind the pranks. “People say, ‘Hey, my friend did X, Y and Z […]