Triple H NXT TakeOver

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque on WarGames to WWE at ‘NXT TakeOver’

Paul “Triple H” Levesque has envisioned bringing back the iconic WarGames for some time. And come Saturday the vision becomes reality as the “The Match Beyond” makes its big return at NXT TakeOver live on WWE Network.  The event kicks off four events in Houston at the Toyota Center with Survivor Series following up Sunday, and Raw and SmackDown broadcasting Monday and Tuesday. “Coming off a massive hurricane, flooding, just natural disaster of epic proportions. We made the decision to stay in the market and continue forward as that was kind of all happening,” Levesque said during a media conference […]

Elizabeth Smart
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‘I Am Elizabeth Smart’: America’s Most Famous Kidnap Victim Reclaims Her Truth in Lifetime Biopic

  Why didn’t she run? Why didn’t she scream? Why didn’t she tell puzzled bystanders or suspicious cops that she was, indeed, Elizabeth Smart? That Elizabeth Smart, the lovely, fairy-tale-obsessed 14-year-old who, in 2002, was snatched from her Utah home by Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee and subjected to nine months of physical and psychological abuse fueled by Mitchell’s twisted God complex and sexual appetites. For 15 years, Smart has heard it all. From TV and radio talking heads. From lawyers and reporters and people on the street. From other kidnapping victims who reach out to her online and […]


USA’s New ‘Damnation’ Is A Brilliantly Wicked Thrill Ride

Buckle up, for this is TV at its best. Rich in relevancy to our current times but set in the 1930s American heartland, USA Network’s Damnation comes from Longmire’s Tony Tost, who wrote and created the can’t-turn-away saga starring Killian Scott and Logan Marshall-Green. In equally juicy roles, Scott plays Seth Davenport, a roving preacher using his pulpit for politics and inciting downtrodden farmers of Iowa to stand up against the wealthy bankers and store owners, and Marshall-Green plays the malevolent, emotionless Creeley Turner, hired by a tycoon to stop the uprising using any means necessary. The two, however, share […]

Harry Lennix shares the backstory of Harold CooperThe Blacklist
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The Blacklist’s Harry Lennix On Meeting Streisand, Sardines and Harold Cooper

Even off-camera, Chicago native Harry Lennix, who plays The Blacklist’s FBI chief honcho Harold Cooper, has his pulse and heart on what it means to wear a badge. Lennix is a spokesperson for a division of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, and his brother is a retired Illinois State Police commander, so you can understand why he’s excited for the Nov. 1 episode of The Blacklist on NBC. “I’m proud with what the writers have been able to do with this episode — we get to peek inside the mind of an FBI agent of color, in […]