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The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses: BBC’s Shakespearean Smash Returns to PBS

In 2013, PBS thrilled history buffs and fans of the Bard with the Shakespearean miniseries The Hollow Crown, a BBC production that boasted Jeremy Irons and Michelle Dockery among its cast. Beginning Sunday, PBS revives the tale with The Wars of the Roses, a trio of lavish, star-packed film adaptations focused on Henry VI (Tom Sturridge) and Richard III (Benedict Cumberbatch) that will air as part of its Great Performances franchise. The new additions illustrate the ongoing battle for the English crown — a medieval spectacle encompassing French rebellion, England’s civil war, the rise and fall of Joan of Arc, […]

Hairspray Live cast

Hairspray Live! We Talk NBC’s Latest Live Masterpiece with Harvey Fierstein and Maddie Baillio!

A peek at the news is all you need to reckon that America needs Tracy Turnblad now more than ever. The fearlessly sunny poster girl for body positivity, self-esteem, racial equality and the power of a good set of dance moves is the creation of avant-garde auteur John Waters, who made her the centerpiece of his 1988 feature film Hairspray. The quirky tale of the Rubenesque teen’s quest to star on, then integrate, her favorite local dance show in 1960s Baltimore was only a minor success, but its do-right-and-dance message resonated with veteran Broadway producer Margo Lion, who hired a […]

Tony Bennett Celebrates 90

NBC’s Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: We talk with the star of the show!

On a balmy September night in New York City, “Tony Bennett” has just taken the Radio City Music Hall stage. Except it’s not the Tony Bennett — the iconic crooner who marked his 90th birthday a month before. It’s actor Alec Baldwin, sporting an exact replica of the real Tony Bennett’s wavy, steely mane. Greeting his chortling audience, Baldwin launches into a bang-on Bennett impression, noting that “when you’re 90, any day above ground is cause for celebration,” then asking for a round of applause for the fire exits, just in case there’s a 90-candle birthday cake somewhere in the […]