Walking Dead Season 7

The Walking Dead: Negan’s Bat Has Swung. Are We Ready For What’s Next?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres Sunday, Oct. 23 on AMC Has there ever been a cliffhanger as agonizing as this, Dead heads? Though it’s been months since The Walking Dead’s harrowing Season 6 finale, odds are good you’ve replayed its final moments over and over in your head, trying to figure out who. Who got Negan’s bat? Well, the wait is almost over and Dead’s executive producer/director/SFX guru Greg Nicotero deeply understands our suffering — because he shares it. “Our biggest challenge is you knew it was coming ever since Issue 100,” he said during a press conference with […]

Issa Rae Insecure

Insecure: Issa Rae Gets Awkward on HBO

Issa Rae was doing just fine. Whip-smart and internet-famous as the hilariously honest star of the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Rae parlayed its popularity into a New York Times bestseller of the same name, while partnering with Larry Wilmore on a comedy series in the same vein. Then HBO bought in and Rae reacted how she knows best: She got awkward. “When I got the news that the series got picked up, I jumped up and down by myself and did a dance for at least two minutes,” the luminous Rae grins. “Then I walked to […]

Thomas Haden Church, Sarah Jessica Parker in Divorce

We talk HBO’s funny, fresh Divorce with Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church!

Divorce premieres Sunday, Oct. 9 at 10/9CT beginning Oct. 9 on HBO Ah, the midlife marriage crisis. Happens to a lot of us. One day you wake up and realize the kids are growing up fast, the finances aren’t quite where you hoped, your best days (and best looks) may well be behind you and your better half doesn’t seem that great after all. But you’re luckier than your single friends, anyway. Right? Er, right? The ones who can (or so you imagine) go wherever they want, whenever they want. Spend however they choose. Sleep with whomever they please. And never, ever have […]

No Tomorrow

Tori Anderson Stars in The CW’s Sunny Apocalyptic Rom-Com, No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow brings together two very different people just as the world is coming to an end — or so one of them believes. The CW’s charming romantic comedy is a sunny twist on the end-of-the-world genre, and executive producer Corinne Brinkerhoff acknowledges, “There are plenty of ‘apocalyptic doom’ kind of shows, and we wanted an ‘apocalyptic joy’ kind of show.” The series hopes to turn the proverbial ticking clock from foreboding to freeing and Brinkerhoff challenges, “We all fundamentally know — on a gut level — that the clock is ticking and that there’s no guarantee of any time. […]

Westworld HBO

Westworld: HBO’s Star-Packed Series Updates Crichton’s 1973 Chiller

Westworld premieres Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9/8CT on HBO What if — for a day or a week — the world was yours to control? Someone giving you grief? Waste them without consequence. That lovely lady right there at the bar? Yours for the taking, no questions asked. The drinks flow freely, you win every game and nobody cares if you’re a workaday schlub fending off a midlife meltdown. But what if you were the irritant, that pretty woman, another someone in your unfettered path? And what if, one day, you realized that your moment-by-moment existence is no more than a construct […]

Hayley Atwell Conviction ABC

Conviction: Hayley Atwell Plays a Bad Girl Doing Good

Conviction ABC Premieres: Oct. 3 Airs: Mondays at 10pm Who’s In It? Hayley Atwell, Eddie Cahill, Emily Kinney, Merrin Dungey, Shawn Ashmore, Manny Montana ABC bolsters its stable of engrossing dramas featuring brilliant but flawed heroines and their spunky teams of helpers with this addictive charmer, that also serves as a solid whodunit. Captain America’s Atwell plays Hayes Morrison, a reckless, rapier-wit former first daughter who has become a brilliant lawyer and professor despite her taste for trouble. When Hayes’ latest adventures (see also: cocaine and a dab of ill-advised seduction) land her in the pokey yet again — at the […]


Happy Halloween! It’s Channel Guide’s Fright Guide!

This Halloween season, get your scares on with Channel Guide Magazine’s 2016 Fright Guide, a free special edition highlighting the best Halloween programming airing on TV in October. It’s a month’s worth of thrillers, horror and scare-you-out-of-your-seat TV.