David Spade gives folks their 15 minutes of Fameless on truTV

Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of televised glory and David Spade plans to prove it. Spade is the star and co-executive producer of Fameless, truTV’s latest addition to its growing sketch/prank comedy stable (see also: Impractical Jokers, Friends of the People and The Carbonaro Effect, all of which are back with new episodes this month, too). On the eight-episode summer laugher, wannabe reality stars believe they’ve been cast in a new unscripted series — perhaps an American Idol style talent competition, perhaps a Survivor-esque endurance test. In the meantime, their costars — a team of seasoned improv actors […]


I Am Cait premiere date, time and preview

I Am Cait premieres Sunday, July 26 at 8/7CT on E! On the heels of April’s well-received 20/20 chat with Diane Sawyer in which Caitlyn Jenner — then still known as Bruce Jenner — finally confirmed that she has spent a lifetime certain she is a female trapped in one of the most celebrated male bodies in Olympic history, Jenner documents her transition to living openly as a woman in the much-anticipated eight-part docuseries I Am Cait, which premieres Sunday. • RELATED: See Caitlyn Jenner’s moving Arthur Ashe Courage Award acceptance speech at the Espy Awards speech here. Yes, the show comes from Bunim/Murray Productions, the same […]

Norm MacDonald Last Comic Standing
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Last Comic Standing: Norm Macdonald pays it forward

  Norm Macdonald emits a vibe of genuine decency, much like Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks. It can’t be faked, much as politicians may try. MacDonald, 51, takes his place at the judges’ table with Roseanne Barr and Keenen Ivory Wayans when Last Comic Standing returns on NBC July 22 at 9pm ET/PT. After decades as a standup (he still does some 250 gigs annually), Macdonald has the experience to impart wisdom to those trying to make it in such a tough field. “Standup is more like a craft than an art so it can be learned more,” Macdonald says […]

TUT Avan Jogia

Pyramid Scheme: Avan Jogia and Sir Ben Kingsley star in Spike’s epic miniseries “Tut”

Being an ancient Egyptian pharaoh must have been a pretty good gig. You sat around all day drinking beer while half-nude ladies fed you figs and slaves erected monuments in your honor. What they don’t tell you in the job interview is the part about foreign invaders, plagues, famines, civil unrest, and all your aides, generals and priests conspiring against you. Spike gets back into scripted projects with the ambitious three-night, six-hour event Tut, dramatizing boy king Tutankhamun’s brief but famous reign and struggle to return Egypt to greatness. Avan Jogia (Twisted) plays Tut, with screen legend Sir Ben Kingsley […]

No Picture
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7 Questions With … Judy Greer Of FX’s “Married”

Judy Greer will always be your favorite BFF in romantic comedy movies. But she’s also grown into something of a nerdgirl icon, voicing characters in FX’s Archer and getting exposure as Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development. She’s also had roles in sci-fi flicks like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and this summer’s Tomorrowland and Jurassic World. In a role that’s a little more grounded, Greer returns as frazzled wife and mother Lina Bowman in Season 2 of FX’s comedy Married (Thursdays beginning July 16 at 10:30pm ET/PT). We grilled Greer with our always hard-hitting “7 Questions.” 1) What […]

2016 Daytona Speedweeks
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Corner the market: NASCAR returns to NBC July 4th weekend

In a short amount of time, NBC Sports has filled out its front row with the big three auto-racing leagues. NBCSN (then Versus) began its IndyCar coverage in 2009, then picked up Formula One rights starting in 2013. This month, NBC is back in the NASCAR game for the first time since 2006, effectively making its networks the top destinations for race fans and giving NASCAR a cross-promotional boost with NBC’s Sunday primetime NFL games. As part of a 10-year, $4.4 billion deal, NBC Sports airs the last 20 Sprint Cup races each season, including all of the Chase for […]


Ray Donovan: We talk Season 3 with Golden Globe winner Jon Voight

“Whenever things get bad, they could always get worse: Mickey could show up,” grins Ray Donovan star Jon Voight — who thrills audiences weekly as Clan Donovan’s hustling patriarch — in a teaser for the show’s third season. So now that his fortunes have changed, courtesy of a fine day at the horse track, does that mean Mickey with money is even more of a loose cannon than he was perpetually chasing it? “The more he has, the more dangerous he becomes to himself and others,” Voight confirms of the newly flush guy with his eye on becoming a prostitution […]


“The Jim Gaffigan Show” — Jim And Jeannie Gaffigan’s Sixth Baby.

The Jim Gaffigan Show feels like a family business. It stars comedian Jim Gaffigan as a fictionalized version of himself — a food- and nap-loving devoted father of five, who is raising his brood of fair-haired kids in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City. Gaffigan also writes and produces the scorchingly funny series with his wife and writing partner Jeannie, and while the three of us chat on the phone, they’re joined by their 3-year-old Michael (child No. 4), who entertains us before departing with a charmingly lisped “Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thank you!” Clearly, performing is in the youngster’s […]

Denis Leary

Denis Leary gets the band back together for FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

Remember when a rock band’s fame was measured in record sales and radio plays instead of Twitter followers and trending hashtags? Someone might as well stick us in a museum with a pole up our butts because we, like Johnny Rock, are fossils. Comedian and former Rescue Me star Denis Leary returns to FX in the new comedy Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll as Johnny Rock, the drugged-out, aging frontman of early ’90s flash-in-the-pan punk band The Heathens. For nearly 25 years, he’s been living all of the rock star lifestyle with none of the fame or fortune. John Corbett costars as Flash, The […]


We talk TLC’s I Am Jazz with transgender teen activist Jazz Jennings!

When Jazz Jennings was 6 years old, she showed Barbara Walters and a 20/20 crew her ultra-girlie room, then warbled a bit of her favorite song, “In My Own Little Corner” from Cinderella: “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be. On the wings of my fancy, I can fly anywhere, and the world will open its arms to me.” It was a poignant moment for reasons well beyond the charming sight of a pretty little girl singing a princess song to her famous guest — because Jazz Jennings was […]