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‘Fahrenheit 451’: HBO Reboots the Fiery Ray Bradbury Classic for a Digital World

Depending on your perspective, making a contemporary film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s book-burning classic Fahrenheit 451 in the era of Snapchat and Twitter, “fake news,” handheld devices and monster flat screens is either brilliance or insanity. No one understands that better than filmmaker Ramin Bahrani, who helms this month’s HBO modernization of the cautionary tale. “I knew that once I got into it, there would be no way that I wouldn’t upset somebody who loved Bradbury’s work,” said Bahrani at a recent press event. “So, I tried to stay true to the themes. Even if I changed certain characters or […]

Laura Dern The Tale

‘The Tale’: Jennifer Fox On Bringing Her Sundance-Lauded Story of Abuse and Resilience to HBO

For more than three decades, filmmaker Jennifer Fox thought she was the luckiest. That, as a smart, independent 13-year-old in the freewheeling ’70s, it was pure sophistication that her first “boyfriend” — the fellow who took her virginity — was an older man who found her beautiful and exceptionally talented. Still prepubescent, Fox memorialized the “relationship” in “The Tale,” an English-class assignment about the man, their introduction via an elegant riding instructor she called Mrs. G and the trio’s “magical” summer spent defying the conventions of love and freedom. Still, the girl told everyone it was a work of fiction. […]


‘Sweetbitter’: Stephanie Danler’s Coming-of-Age Book Becomes a Sensual Series on Starz

Like a well curated menu, Starz’s new dramedy Sweetbitter has something scrumptious for all tastes. Foodies and wine lovers will swoon over luscious images and discussions of eat and drink. The mighty legions that serve us when we dine out at long last have a scripted restaurant show that honors them. Scenesters get the New York that only New Yorkers know. And everyone can relive our own brink-of-adulthood reckoning via the show’s 22-year-old heroine Tess, winningly played by Churchill’s Ella Purnell. Tess — the not-quite alter ego of Sweetbitter screenwriter Stephanie Danler, who also penned the bestseller on which the […]


‘Code Black’: The Hit Medical Drama Goes Musical?

Brace yourself for some fun, Code Black fans, as Angels Memorial is about to get a little trippy. Series creator Michael Seitzman surprises viewers in Season 3’s second episode (airing May 2) with some full-on singing and dancing. We asked the bossman, Dr. Will Campbell (Boris Kodjoe), to fill us in on what the heck is going on. “When you’re working on a medical drama, the chances of doing a musical, or even just being able to sing or dance or do any of that, are very slim to none,” Kodjoe laughs, giving huge praise to Seitzman for continuously pushing […]


‘Vida’ on Starz: Home Is Where Your Secrets Are

Though she’s worked on high-profile series with diverse casts and bold storytelling, writer/producer Tanya Saracho knew something was still missing in the modern TV landscape: a series that reflected her own life and lineage. So Saracho, who proudly identifies as queer and prefers the gender-neutral term Latinx over Latina/Latino, created Vida, a gutsy dramedy about estranged Los Angeles sisters whose return home forces them to confront myriad truths about their mother, their past and their own self-images as Americans of Mexican heritage. “Most of our department heads are female,” said Saracho of the show’s proudly female and inclusive pedigree, at […]