National Geographic’s ‘Genius’: Meet the Two Mrs. Einsteins

• RELATED: ‘Genius’ — Geoffrey Rush Plays A Deliciously Human Einstein on Nat Geo • RELATED: ‘Genius’ — Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn Talk Playing Einstein on National Geographic Framed by a monitor on the Prague set of National Geographic Channel’s Genius, Emily Watson’s face is a mask of quiet fury. Portraying Elsa Einstein, Albert’s first cousin and longtime lover, she is newly aware that his impending fame will expose the truth of their adulterous relationship. “Do anything,” she seethes, “to get free of Mileva.” They say that behind every great man, there is a great woman. In Einstein’s case, there were […]

The White Princess

The White Princess: Humble And Penitent? Not This Lady

A new generation of wicked-smart, scheming women manipulate the English throne in Starz’s eight-episode limited series The White Princess. The series is a follow-up to 2013’s The White Queen — both based on Philippa Gregory’s historical fiction novels of the same names — which follows the political and emotionally turbulent times of 15th-century British history over who is the rightful king … according to the ladies’ vantage point. In this complex monarchal world way too full of Richards, Edwards, Henrys and Elizabeths, there is a battle between two sides of the same family — the House of Lancaster and the […]

Killing Richard Glossip

Killing Richard Glossip: Investigation Discovery’s Two-Night Event is a Matter of Innocence, Life and Death

In late fall of 2014, Denver defense attorney Don Knight had just pulled up to a barbecue joint when his cellphone rang. On the line: Sister Helen Prejean. The same Sister Helen whose tireless work to end the death penalty made her the subject of 1995’s critically acclaimed feature film Dead Man Walking. Prejean was calling about Richard Glossip. And the makings of Investigation Discovery’s chilling two-night event, Killing Richard Glossip, were set into motion. (See the first hour here.) In 1997, Glossip — an Oklahoma City motel manager and father of four with no felony record — was named the […]

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks HBO
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‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’: HBO and Oprah Turn the Bestseller into a Must-See Film

You may not know of her, but your life has been directly, enormously impacted by Henrietta Lacks. Henrietta, a stout and pretty rural Virginian born in 1920, was the devoted mother of five, including a disabled eldest daughter on whom she doted. She looked after friends and neighbors, too. Henrietta accepted the hard work of tobacco farming, though she knew she might have accomplished much more. She loved to dance and tended her looks, particularly her nails, which were perfectly polished nearly to the day she died at age 31. And Henrietta suffered an agonizing and possibly preventable death from […]


‘Genius’: Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Flynn Talk Playing Einstein on National Geographic

Geoffrey Rush done up as Einstein and killing time on bench outside the enormous Prague soundstage where National Geographic’s Genius filmed begs an instant double take. For actor/musician Johnny Flynn, embodying the younger Albert proved a bit more challenging. • RELATED: ‘Genius’: Geoffrey Rush Plays A Deliciously Human Einstein on National Geographic • RELATED: National Geographic’s ‘Genius’: Meet the Two Mrs. Einsteins! “All the footage that exists of him is after he came to America,” Flynn explains of the man he calls “quite maverick and punk.” “The exciting thing about the potential in this show is to create an idea of […]

The Toy Box
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‘The Toy Box’ Hopes To Find The Next Must-Have Toy

Toys are an $80 billion-a-year industry, and in ABC’s eight-episode series The Toy Box (Fridays beginning April 7), entrepreneurs present their toy innovations in the hopes of creating the next must-have toy. The winning toy will be manufactured by Mattel — the toymaker behind iconic brands including Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price — and will be sold exclusively by Toys “R” Us. The unique toys presented in the series run the gamut from silly to inspiring to downright bizarre, and each toymaker believes they have created the next Hatchimal, Cabbage Patch Kid or Tickle Me Elmo. But first, they need […]