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Confirmation — HBO and Kerry Washington revisit a real-life Washington scandal

Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. Their names are synonymous with the very public hearings about very private matters that led Americans to rethink our collective perspective on race, workplace equity, sexual harassment, victims’ rights and adjudicating in the public eye. And to side-eye our Coke cans in the process. In 1991, more than 20 million TV viewers were riveted as the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by then-Senator Joe Biden, investigated claims that controversial Supreme Court nominee Thomas sexually harassed Hill when the ambitious young attorney worked for him a decade before. Twenty-five years later, HBO’s Confirmation — starring Scandal’s Kerry Washington […]


What awaits Jamie and Claire in Season 2 of Outlander? Hear it from the stars.

“You cannot save a man that doesn’t want saving,” Jamie said to Claire after being brutally crippled and raped by Capt. Black Jack Randall, as we learned in the season finale of the Starz hit Outlander. Jamie was convinced he’d never be happy again, but Claire wasn’t willing to live without him. Their overwhelming love and the hope of changing Highlander history gave promise to a new future and a new season, as the couple fled Scotland for Paris. With a new world and a baby on the way, happier times surely await the soulmates, right? To help provide more […]

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Bigger In Texas: WrestleMania 32 could be a record-breaker

WWE is pulling out all the stops to make WrestleMania 32 the biggest in its “show of shows” history. Since 1985’s inaugural event, raising the bar has always been the mindset heading into the Super Bowl of sports entertainment. However, Vince McMahon and company are especially motivated this year by the potential to break an indoor attendance record at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. “While I can’t give away any specifics, if you think Vince McMahon isn’t putting together the most loaded, spectacular, surprising card that we have ever had, then you have another thing coming,” says McMahon’s daughter Stephanie, […]

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Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper — The famed mother-son duo look back with love

Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper premieres Sunday, April 9, at 9/8CT on HBO. The documentary will encore on CNN April 29. Famed fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt — looking decades younger than her 92 years in a bright coral tunic, slim pants and oversize gold earrings — smiles at rapt reporters from a Pasadena hotel ballroom stage. On either side, giant screens beam her beloved youngest son, CNN newsman Anderson Cooper, into the room from Fairfax, VA., where, later, Cooper will host a town hall at President Obama’s request. Though he was supposed to be here beside her, his […]