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‘Snowpiercer’ Star Alison Wright Fills Us In On Season 3 —It’s Not Going to Be Easy

The postapocalyptic thrill ride, Snowpiercer, returns for Season 3 on TNT (Monday, Jan. 24) with some hope for a possible warm location to restart civilization. But the current uninhabitable frozen world really isn’t the survivors’ main problem. When last we left the divided group, Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Ruth (Alison Wright) plotted to take back Snowpiercer from the unhinged and sadistic Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean). Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) made it back to the research station after the train passed her by on her scheduled pickup, but it appears she didn’t survive the elongated isolation. Layton and Alex (Rowan Blanchard) are […]

Single Drunk Female Freeform
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Lots to Love About Sophia Black-D’Elia and ‘Single Drunk Female’

Freeform introduces the charming and heartfelt dramedy Single Drunk Female (Thursdays at 10/9c beginning Jan. 20, next day on Hulu) starring Sofia Black-D’Elia in the lead as 20-something alcoholic Samantha Fink, whose only chance to avoid jail time is to sober up and move back home with her overbearing mother (played by Ally Sheedy). “I had one bad day that turned into a Class A misdemeanor [aka reckless assault],” tells 28-year-old alcoholic Samantha “Sam” Fink to her probation officer in the pilot. That drunken workplace meltdown almost blinded her coworker and definitely solidified her termination from a New York media […]


‘Monarch’ Tells a Tale of Lies & Secrets in Country Music’s Golden Family

The dark side of country music is coming out. FOX’s new drama Monarch follows the first family of country music in an epic tale of lies and betrayal. The matriarch and patriarch of this family, the Romans, are Dottie (played by Susan Sarandon) and Albie (portrayed by country music star Trace Adkins). Together, the duo have created a dynasty, but now it’s on shaky ground. Their daughter, Nicky (Anna Friel), is ready to do everything she can to protect her family’s musical reign as well as navigate her own growing career. “Everybody has secrets. Everybody has agendas,” explained Adkins. Having […]

The Cleaning Lady FOX
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Elodie Yung Talks “The Cleaning Lady”

“When I got this part, my husband looked at me like, ‘Really? You are going to be the cleaning lady?’” I could show you a picture of the room I’m staying in right now,” laughs Élodie Yung, fully admitting cleaning isn’t her thing. But traditional cleaning is not what this role or FOX’s new The Cleaning Lady (Mondays beginning Jan. 3) is all about. Yung stars as Thony, a Cambodian surgeon who comes to the U.S. to pursue a lifesaving medical treatment for her young son. Originally here on a medical visa, complications arise and she is forced to stay […]