Now Available On Demand: Irresistible

Gary Zimmer (Steve Carell) is a Democratic political strategist who loves the nuances of the political process. The rush of a successful campaign and seeing your candidate succeed is fulfilling after working through the power, corruption, backstabbing and lies on all sides and within all parties participating in the political process. But Gary is in a funk. He was a vital piece of the failed 2016 election and the loss makes him feel that his party needs to reshape itself. And then, like a ray of sun, Gary stumbles upon a viral video of a man who is perfect to […]

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After 30 Years, The Lifetime Original Remains A Favorite

From Sleeping With My Student to Psycho Stripper, there’s no denying some of these Lifetime originals stop you dead in your tracks with their salacious titles. The Lifetime Original Movie dates back to July 31, 1990, with the Nancy Allen starrer Memories of Murder. For 30 years, Lifetime originals have solidified their place in the pop culture lexicon. The movies have garnered over 63 Emmy nominations, eight Golden Globe nominations and 20 Critics’ Choice nods. Many, however, are best remembered as being worthwhile biopics, punch-you-in-the-gut tear-jerkers, unbelievable true-crime stories or sensationalized cheesy guilty pleasures you just couldn’t turn away from. […]


On Demand DVD New Releases: July 6-12

On Demand DVD New Releases: July 6-12 Trolls World Tour Queen Barb is on a mission to silence Troll nation. Poppy and Branch discover six very distinct tribes of musical types that they will need to unify to save their friends. Voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Rachel Bloom (PG, 1:30) 7/7 Availability dates, titles and schedule subject to change and may vary by system. Check with your cable provider for ordering information. HD and 3D not available in all systems. Coming Soon: 7/14 Clementine, Enter the Fat Dragon 7/17 Dirt Music 7/21 First Cow, Guest Artist 7/24 The Rental, […]

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“Lost On Everest” Captures The Search For A Lost Explorer

In 1924, two British mountaineers — George Mallory and Andrew “Sandy” Irvine — pioneered an unthinkable expedition. The duo set out with minimal equipment and attempted to summit Mount Everest. They were last seen on the mountain’s northeast ridge just a few hundred meters from the top. Did they ever summit? Were they actually the first to do so? National Geographic’s Lost on Everest (Tuesday, June 30 9/8c) sets out to answer those questions. “This story jumped out because it was trying to figure out one of the greatest mysteries in exploration,” renowned filmmaker and expedition climber Renan Ozturk shares. […]


On Demand DVD New Releases June 29-July 6

On Demand DVD New Releases June 29-July 6 Pictured above is Trolls World Tour — Coming Soon! Four Kids and It In this star-studded family adventure, based on the best selling children’s book, four kids discover a creature that grants wishes – but each wish ends at sunset. Paula Patton, Matthew Goode (PG, 1:50) 6/30 Force of Nature In this thunderous action-thriller, Mel Gibson, Emile Hirsch, and Kate Bosworth join forces to battle a deadly gang of thieves as a brutal hurricane engulfs the city. (R, 1:30) 6/30 Mr. Jones In 1933, an ambitious journalist travels to the Soviet Union […]


Organization Expert Cassandra Aarssen Teaches Us How to Clean Up Our Clutter in ‘Hot Mess House’

Good news for you clutter kings and queens out there. You’re not messy, lazy or disorganized! “You’re just not organizing for your unique style,” tells Cassandra “Cas” Aarssen, a recovering super slob now professional organizer, bestselling author, YouTuber and creator of Cas brings her talents to HGTV in the new self-shot series Hot Mess House airing Wednesdays. Each episode of Hot Mess House starts with Cas meeting her clients via Skype and then taking a video tour of their home, where she then helps them identify an organization style that works best for their life. “When you want to […]


On Demand DVD New Releases: June 22-29

On Demand DVD New Releases: June 22-29 Burden Based on a powerful true story, an unlikely friendship is formed when an African American reverend helps a KKK member disavow his racist past and leave the Klan. Garrett Hedlund, Forest Whitaker (R, 1:57) 6/23 Stardog and Turbocat When a cat and a dog set out to find their lost owner, they discover not only the power of friendship but their inner superpowers along the way. Voices of Luke Evans, Nick Frost (PG, 1:31) 6/23 Daddy Issues When her father dies and leaves her his company, a stand up comic moves to […]