On Demand and DVD New Releases Sept. 14-21

On Demand and DVD New Releases Sept. 14-21   Blackbird Unresolved feelings surface when a mother summons her family for one final reunion as she looks to end her battle with a terminal illness. Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet (R, 1:37) 9/18 The Grizzles In this inspiring true story, a group of Inuit students in a small, struggling Arctic community are changed forever through the transformative power of sport. Ben Schnetzer, Emerald MacDonald (R, 1:42) 9/15 Spy Cat In this animated feature, a pampered house cat sets off on a wild adventure as a secret agent. (PG, 1:27) 9/15   Availability […]


On Demand DVD New Releases Sept. 7-13

On Demand DVD New Releases Sept. 7-13 Superman: Man of Tomorrow  Follow the fledgling hero as he engages in bloody battles and fights for his life. The world will learn about Superman…but first, he must save the world! Darren Criss, Zachary Quinto (Pg-13, 1:26) 9/8 In Other Words A tech whiz finally lands an investor for his matchmaking app. But when he matches with a girl who doesn’t speak English, he must travel to Mexico to prove his concept. Bryan McClure, Natasha Esca (TV-PG, 1:38) 9/8 Beats Two best friends destined for different futures sneak out to an illegal rave […]

David Dobrik is host of Dodgeball Thunderdome

David Dobrik Talks “Dodgeball” Strategy

If you don’t know David Dobrik, you need to. The Slovakian-born YouTube sensation is a self-made multimillionaire whose become one of the biggest influencers on social media today. The Wall Street Journal named him “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon,” People named him Sexiest Heartthrob of 2019 and Discovery Channel named him host of the hilarious Dodgeball Thunderdome (Wednesdays at 9/8c). Dobrik, who grew up in Vernon Hills, Illinois, has fond memories of the sport growing up, which was mainly played at his school when they had a substitute gym teacher. “We never got to actually pick our own teams, because our […]


On Demand DVD New Releases: August 30-September 6

On Demand DVD New Releases: August 30-September 6 Followed To gain more subscribers, a controversial social media influencer stays at a cursed hotel to terrifying results. Matthew Solomon, Sam Valentine (R, 1:36) 9/1 The Rebels After killing a soldier, four teens go on the run to survive. They must learn to live, work and fight together in the wild or face the wrath of Rome and certain death. Tom Leach, James Groom (TV-14, 1:25) 9/1 The Surrogate Jess is thrilled to surrogate for her best friend and his husband, but a prenatal test result creates a moral dilemma that threatens […]


On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 23-29

On Demand DVD New Releases Aug. 23-29 The Burnt Orange Heresy Lies and deceit fill the screen as an art critic and an art dealer join forces to try to obtain a piece from one of the most elusive artists in the world. Claes Bang, Elizabeth Debicki, Mick Jagger, Donald Sutherland (R, 1:39) 8/25  King of Staten Island Scott has not ever really grown up, hampered by the tragic death of his father when Scott was a young boy. Chasing his dream of being a tattoo artist while living at home with his single mom, he spends more time smoking […]


Now Available On Demand: The Bay of Silence

Silence. We all are aware of the silence that surrounds us. For some the silence is golden. A minute or two away from the maddening rush of the world and our obligations. But others find the silence maddening and cannot function when things around them are not in motion. In the new film The Bay of Silence, it is clear that the quiet can sometimes hold secrets that cry out for attention. Will (Claes Bang) and Rosalind (Olga Kurylenko) are a couple in love. The two have found a quiet bay and the peacefulness of the still water equates to […]