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Interview With “It’s a Wonderful Life’s” Tommy Bailey

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Frank Capra’s timeless classic It’s a Wonderful Life. In celebration of the milestone, Paramount Pictures has released a two-disc Blu-ray collectible that includes a colorized version of the film in high definition, along with bonus content that reviews the preserving and revitalizing of this iconic holiday classic. Here we caught up with actor Jimmy Hawkins, who at age 4 played the youngest of the Bailey children — Tommy — in the 1946 film. What is your favorite scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, and if you could just explain why? When George comes […]

Barry Watson and Jill Scott in Highway to Heaven on Lifetime

‘Highway to Heaven’: Lifetime Offers a New Take on the Original Drama

Viewers may remember the iconic ’80s television series Highway to Heaven, starring Michael Landon as Jonathan, an angel on Earth helping those in need. It ran for five seasons and more than 100 episodes from 1984-89 on NBC. The show touched a lot of lives when it aired, and now it’s returning as a series of movies to hopefully bring back those feelings for those who watched the original and for a new generation. This new iteration stars Grammy winner Jill Scott as Angela Stewart, an angel who comes down to visit Earth and assist those going through crisis in […]