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House: He’s A Loner, Cuddy. A Rebel.

October 3, 2007 Lori Acken 0

As the official, card-carrying, biggest fan of House, like, ever, I’ve come to a couple conclusions. One, it’s a darned good thing I’ve never been hospitalized for anything more confounding than childbirth. Because if my […]

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MLB Playoffs On TBS

October 3, 2007 Ryan Berenz 2

The MLB playoffs start today, and for the first time, TBS will have exclusive coverage of the Division Series. TBS also has coverage of the National League Championship Series, alternating between NLCS and ALCS with […]

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Orangutans: The New Meerkats?

October 2, 2007 Jeff Pfeiffer 1

After the sad and shocking death of poor Flower on Meerkat Manor last week, I just can’t take the heartache any more! I need to find a new “animal soap,” and I just may have […]

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Commitment Phobia.

October 2, 2007 Channel Guide Contributor 0

I have a love/hate relationship with fall television. On one hand, I get brand new episodes of my favorite shows, such as The Office and How I Met Your Mother. But then there are the […]

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The War: “A World Without War”

October 2, 2007 Jeff Pfeiffer 0

Ken Burns’ The War comes to an end tonight, and, unfortunately, the episode title — “A World Without War” — does not refer to the literal fact that our world has gone on without conflict. […]

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