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VOD Spotlight: “Dear John” sparks more interest in author’s book adaptations

Author Nicholas Sparks has hit it big in Hollywood ever since his best-selling novel The Notebook was made into a successful film in 2004. Two of his other books, Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember, had previously been filmed, but The Notebook really helped cue movie audiences in to the Nicholas Sparks style of romantic drama. That was followed by the 2008 adaptation of Nights in Rodanthe, and this year’s The Last Song. That style has also continued with this year’s movie version of Sparks’ Dear John. It’s a romantic drama about a soldier (Channing Tatum) who […]

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Comcast’s New On Demand Series “Vampires Revealed” Sinks Its Teeth Into Vampire Culture

They’ve been fascinating folks for years and now vampires are hotter than ever — from The CW’s new series The Vampire Diaries, to the fanatical success of HBO’s toothsome drama True Blood and the feature film Twilight, to the fervor for Twilight’s November sequel, New Moon. With Halloween right around the corner, Comcast On Demand is giving TV viewers a peek into the intriguing world of real-life devotees of the ancient practice of vampirism (including Seregon O’Dassey, pictured) with of its original docu-series, Vampires Revealed, premiering Oct. 5. This entrancing true-life tale offers up surprising evidence that supports — and debunks — […]