Beauty and The Beast

New to On Demand: Beauty and The Beast

June 6, 2017 Paul Hall 0

New to On Demand: Beauty and The Beast Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast is a classic film. So when I heard that Disney was producing a live-action reimagining of those iconic colorful scenes, I wondered […]

Fist Fight

New to On Demand: Fist Fight

May 30, 2017 Paul Hall 0

None of the teachers are ready for what the last day of school brings in the movie Fist Fight. The kids are wild and pranks are occurring at a rate that makes the national debt […]


New to On Demand: Logan

May 23, 2017 Paul Hall 0

The tales of Wolverine have been told in a number of X-Men movies. This time around, in the movie Logan, Wolverine is unleashed in an R-rated turn that delivers a sharp and cutting film. Logan […]

Get Out

VOD Spotlight: Get Out

May 23, 2017 Paul Hall 0

When I initially saw the trailers for the new film Get Out, I was intrigued. It looked to be cool melding of comedy and horror from the mind of Jordan Peele. What I got even […]

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