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Syfy’s ‘SurrealEstate’: Accept the Offer on This Frighteningly Fun New Friday Night Series

‘There’s a certain tone to the show that I’ve never been a part of before,’ says ‘SurrealEstate’ star Tim Rozon. Costar Sarah Levy adds, ‘As tongue-in-cheek as the show can be, it also does have that eerie, spooky feel of a really good horror movie.’ […]

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What’s Next for the Cody Clan as ‘Animal Kingdom’ Returns?

Animal Kingdom makes its Season 5 return to TNT Monday, July 11 at 9/8c. Spoilers are ahead, so if you’re not caught up, stop reading, you’ve been forewarned. Killing off the main character is never an easy decision on any TV drama, but what a wallop it was when cancer-stricken mama queenpin Smurf Cody (Ellen Barkin) got taken out by her grandson J (Finn Cole). But we didn’t have much time to grieve before we learned that she really stuck it to her boys by leaving her fortune to a mystery woman named Pamela Johnson. With only two seasons left […]

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Home Renovation Meets Comedy: Chris Distefano’s Twist on DIY Projects in ‘Backyard Bar Wars’

Backyard Bar Wars (premiering July 8 on truTV) is not your average renovation show. This show takes a comedic twist with host Chris Distefano bringing energy like no other. The actor/comedian, alongside contractors Anton and Anthony Downing, assists homeowners in achieving the bar of their dreams and has loads of fun along the way. Whether it is an outrageous backyard tiki setup or a speakeasy-style garage, these spirited hangouts are jaw-dropping masterpieces. Distefano, who’s been headlining comedy clubs and hosting his Hey Babe! podcast, doesn’t leave the humor behind in this DIY venture. He quickly learned he is no professional […]

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Inmates and Friends Spill the Dirt in “Cellmate Secrets”

Uh-oh, the tea is about to be spilled. Lifetime’s new six-episode documentary series Cellmate Secrets (Fridays beginning June 4) is like the TMZ of true crime, as it tracks down former friends, prison guards, cellmates and lovers of some of the most famed felons and defendants of today to reveal new insights and information about them. Casey Anthony. Drew Peterson. Joyce Mitchell. Jodi Arias. All of their stories are told in a new light, along with an enhanced re-airing of the Lifetime original movie that followed their true story. Rizzoli & Isles’ Angie Harmon narrates the series and couldn’t be […]

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5 Questions With Sig Hansen Of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch”

Capt. Sig Hansen is where we don’t often see him — on land. Speaking from his Seattle home, the captain of the Northwestern, one of the ships featured on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch (Tuesdays), Hansen, 55, talks about the challenges of crab fishing during the pandemic. “COVID made it much more of a struggle for our industry. It was a shot in the dark because we had no formula for how to combat COVID, even how to get out there and try to fish,” he says of the filming that began last fall. And so Hansen made a big deal […]