The Wedding March
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Saturday, June 25: The Wedding March on Hallmark Channel

Olivia Parsons (Josie Bissett) is scheduled to marry a successful real estate agent at a picturesque New England inn. But the nuptials turn awkward when she discovers that the inn is owned by her college sweetheart, former pop star Mick Turner (Jack Wagner). When the wedding band cancels, Mick becomes the wedding entertainment and Olivia and Mick feel their relationship rekindle. Olivia must decide if she’s going to walk down the aisle as planned, or give her first love a second chance. […]

Adventures in Babysitting
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Friday, June 24: Disney’s New Adventures in Babysitting

When Jenny Parker (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola Perez (Sofia Carson) accidentally swap phones after interviewing for a competitive internship, Lola nominates herself to babysit when a family calls looking for a last-minute sitter. But when one of her charges sneaks out of the house, Lola enlists Jenny’s help and they head out into the big city, with a pack of kids in tow, for what becomes the adventure of a lifetime. […]

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Thursday, June 23: BBC America’s Creepy Thirteen

When Ivy Moxam (Jodie Comer) escapes 13 years of captivity, she returns to her family hoping to find that nothing has changed, but she learns that everything has. And when the kidnapper eludes capture and kidnaps another girl, Ivy is forced to relive her trauma and help in the investigation. But inconsistencies and lies poke holes in Ivy’s tale. As the story unravels and the truth is revealed, no one’s life escapes the fallout. […]

American Gothic
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Wednesday, June 22: American Gothic (Not the Painting)

CBS’ self-described “perfect summer mystery” is a 13-part “whodunit” about a prominent Boston family reeling in the wake of the chilling discovery that someone in their midst is linked to an infamous string of murders. As shocking secrets from the past and present are revealed, their mounting suspicion and paranoia that one of them is a killer threaten to tear the family apart. Juliet Rylance, Antony Starr, Virginia Madsen, Justin Chatwin and Megan Ketch star. […]

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Tuesday, June 21: OWN’s Greenleaf Preaches It

After 20 years of estrangement, and the recent — and mysterious — death of her sister, Grace Greenleaf (Merle Dandridge) returns home with her teen daughter to her family’s sprawling Memphis megachurch, Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. Grace’s father, Bishop James Greenleaf (Keith David), warmly welcomes his daughter and granddaughter, but tensions quickly rise. The series airs Wednesdays beginning tomorrow. […]

Odd Mom Out
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Monday, June 20: Jill Kargman Returns In Odd Mom Out

Series creator and star Jill Kargman returns as a satirical version of herself surviving the demanding hierarchy of New York’s exclusive Upper East Side. This season, Jill returns to her job at the fashion magazine, and husband Andy takes time off to care for the kids. Brooke heals from Lex’s affair by devoting herself to her new passion project — an elegant accessories line — while Lex returns from Burning Man a “brohemian.” And Vanessa continues to keep Jill grounded as Jill wades through Manhattan’s torrents of upscale excess. This season also features guest stars Drew Barrymore as an irreverent neighbor who survives a historic blizzard with Jill and Andy, and Blythe Danner as Jill’s mom. […]

The Jim Gaffigan Show
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Sunday, June 19: The Jim Gaffigan Show Season 2

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is back for Season 2 of his semiautobiographical comedy series, premiering with two back-to-back episodes tonight. This season gets even deeper into Jim’s head as he juggles fatherhood, his wife Jeannie (Ashley Williams), his career, his food obsessions and all of his neuroses about being a public figure. Michael Ian Black and Adam Goldberg also star. […]

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Saturday, June 18: James Franco Reboots Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

In the 20 years since it premiered on NBC, the telepic Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? became a cult classic of the “Lifetime Original Movie” genre. Now, stars Tori Spelling and Ivan Sergei reunite for a remake of that flick executive produced by and also starring James Franco. Lifetime’s 21st-century update is said to revolve around a same-sex relationship with a vampire. […]

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Thursday, June 16: Aquarius Season 2 Dawns

David Duchovny’s ’60s-set drama about the hunt for Charles Manson returns for Season 2 with a two-hour, commercial-free premiere (this includes, according to NBC, “absolutely” no breaks for commercials or network promos, with the only stoppage coming for a 55-second local news break/tease during the second hour). Aquarius moves to its normal start time an hour later next Thursday. […]