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Ah, So This Is What They Call “Web Logging”?

Wow. We are finally “web logging,” or as the kids call it, “blogging.” This is the first post of what I hope will be an entertaining and informative blog on sports as it relates to the medium of television. As the Cubicle QB at the helm of this blog, I hope to provide you with: News and commentary on the TV sports business: new TV contracts, sports TV schedule announcements, Joe Theismann firings/hirings, wacky sports (e.g. Rock Paper Scissors) coming to TV, and senseless disputes between sports leagues and television entities  Highlights and lowlights from TV coverage of the big sports events, […]

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Golf Great Nick Faldo On The PGA’s Playoffs

When asked what the PGA Tour hopes to accomplish by instituting a new playoff format for 2007, Nick Faldo’s tell-it-like-it-is style is evident. “It’s all [TV] ratings, isn’t it?” the six-time major tournament champion and current golf TV analyst says. “And obviously they’re competing against football at the end of the season.” Taking a cue from NASCAR’s playoff system, the PGA will try to end its season with a cheer instead of a polite whisper. In the new format, players will accumulate points from January to August to qualify for a four-tournament playoff starting in late August and ending with […]