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Jane the Virgin Chapter 53 recap: Stressed Out

From tests to novels, series finale drama to secrets and lies, everyone is stressed out on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Michael wants to open up his own law office as a part of his new career. Now all he needs to do is ace the standardized test, LSAT, to get prepared for law school. Good luck with that! We know that Jane is quite the competitive person. It’s no surprise that she feels Mateo has some competition when she notices other kids in her mommy and me classes were speaking in full sentences. Rafael tells Jane about […]


Jane the Virgin Chapter 52 recap: The Broke Billionaire

After a short break, Jane the Virgin returns to its third season and picks up right where we left off. Xo and Bruce seem to be going strong. Even Alba is giving him another chance. However, Jane isn’t as supportive of the relationship. I have a feeling she’s going to put herself in a tricky situation by trying to convince her mom to dump him. Rogelio is serious about having a baby with his former matchmaker, Darci. However, Xo isn’t too convinced things will work out. Catalina is still sticking around. Oh yeah, and the old dude in a robe […]

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WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 9: What Happens in Vegas

It’s Vegas Total Divas style when the ladies and Rusev hit up Sin City. Renee Young wants to use the time as an opportunity to throw Lana a proper bachelorette party. Problem is Rusev isn’t a fan of the concept because of a friend’s past experience. Renee Young and Trinity decide to plan it for her. We learn Lana has a history of short relationships and being a party girl. She doesn’t want to do anything to ruin what she has with her Bulgarian husband-to-be. Lana aims to please Rusev and springs for a 10,000 square-foot suite with a basketball […]

The Wheel, Episode 1

Recap: The Wheel, Episode 1 “Abandoned”

On Friday, Discovery channel premiered it’s newest survival series, The Wheel. The premise is that six ordinary survivalists (not professional wilderness instructors), attempt to survive alone in six diverse South American ecosystems. There is no prize for completing a revolution of the wheel, and the participants will rotate between the zones based on the whim of the producers (more on that later). Let’s meet the survivalists: Josh Morin Age 23, a former wrestler turned humanitarian from Montana Is looking to put his competitive nature to the test. Lindsay Phenix Age 25, fitness model/ massage therapist from California Wants to prove that […]

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WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 8: Pain in the Neck

Total Divas this week was a good news-bad news episode depending on who you want to talk about. The latter refers to Paige, who is feeling down in the dumps about being kept off TV and not working due to neck issues. She brings her puppy along backstage to help boast spirits. I know Josie and Winston are jealous that Paige’s dog gets to be backstage at WWE shows. The English superstar thinks surgery is out of the question and hopes physicality will help the shoulder and neck pain. Paige gets an M.R.I., which leads to a prognosis she isn’t […]

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WWE Total Divas Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: A Win-Wine Situation

On last night’s WWE Total Divas, the upcoming brand extension has the ladies concerned. That’s because, with different superstars on Raw and SmackDown Live!, it could mean their wrestler significant others may end up on separate shows and touring schedules. Despite the uncertainty, Paige is happy to be back on TV and working more. Things end up taking a turn for the worst when something popped in her shoulder during a match after just returning to the ring. Eva Marie goes to San Antonio to spend some time with Paige, who moved to Texas to be with boyfriend Alberto Del […]