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Preview: “Ghost Hunters” Scares Up A New Season

By RabbitEars America’s favorite ghost-hunting plumbers are back to flush out more phantoms in Season 5 of SCI FI Channel’s hit series Ghost Hunters, beginning this Wednesday (March 11) at 9pm ET/PT. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who head up The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) team, explain that this season will see a return to a lot of residential cases in addition to continued explorations of the higher-profile historical sites. This plan is evidenced right away in the premiere episode, a two-investigation show in which the team travels to Pennsylvania to visit a terrified family just outside of Philadelphia, and […]

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“Fringe”: The Ghost Network

Posted by SH Ever since its fairly original pilot, Fringe has been checking off a greatest-hits lineup of paranormal storylines. Last week, it was the bit about cloning. This week, it’s the man-is-envisioning-disasters-before-they-happen story. But thankfully the writers keep finding other ways to keep things fresh, sprinkling plot twists and bits of mystery about the characters’ pasts throughout. We start off with a guy — let’s call him Roy, because that’s his name — going to a confessional, asking his priest to take away the pain. He’s also saying something ominous about a bus. Cut to — uh oh — […]

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“Ghost Hunters” Take On The World

SCI FI Channel‘s Ghost Hunters International debuted Wednesday night as the network’s No. 1 reality telecast in its history, and bested its broadcast time slot competition, including the dreadful, and dreadfully popular, Gossip Girl. The episode found a new team of Ghost Hunters — lead investigators Robb Demarest and Andy Andrews; Brian Harnois, Donna La Croix, Barry Fitzgerald (whom you may recall from the original Ghost Hunters’ frightening exploration of some Irish ruins) and newcomer Shannon Sylvia — traveling to England’s Chillingham Castle and Scotland’s Mary King’s Close to see what kind of spirits Europe can throw at us. As […]

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“Ghost Hunters International:” Passport To The Paranormal

SCI FI Channel‘s Ghost Hunters series has taken us to plenty of creepy haunted places around the United States. But if we start getting all America-centric and thinking we have a monopoly on things that go bump in the night, Ghost Hunters International is here to show us otherwise with a collection of Continental specters to rival the best we have to offer. The series, debuting Jan. 9 and airing Wednesdays, is a spinoff of the popular Ghost Hunters, with a few of the investigative team members coming from the American TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team. As the show’s […]