American Horror Story: Hotel — who is new, who is back and who plays whom in Season 5

When Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk bring American Horror Story back for its fifth season — fittingly subtitled Hotel — look for the FX hit to boast another bold new look, but a feel that revisits the first season of the most-watched franchise in the network’s 21-year history. “True horror fans loved the first season because it really is a very psychological season and it plays with a lot of very familiar tropes,” Murphy explains. “The season we’re doing this year harkens back to the first season, which is much more rooted in honest, primal fears.” AHS — which has […]


The Whispers Season 1 episode 3 recap: Collision

The best way to find out where someone is going is to find out where they’ve been. This is the strategy Claire Bennigan and Wes Lawrence try to implore on their search for Claire’s husband Sean. Before we go anywhere a flashback from three months earlier is shown with Sean heading off to his mission, but not before a cold conversation with Claire. It seems the affair between Claire and Wes had come out. Needless to say Sean was not happy. The two connect their respective dots. Wes reviews surveillance footage from the Westings bombing, where Jackson Bellings is on […]


The Whispers Season 1 episode 2 recap: Hide & Seek

This week’s episode of The Whispers, titled “Hide & Seek,” is all about the hunt for more clues into understanding everybody’s new favorite imaginary friend Drill and finding the mysterious John Doe, Sean Bennigan (Milo Ventimiglia). However, before we move forward, a flashback is given from three months earlier in the Sahara Desert where a kid is playing with a toy truck. He witnesses a flash of fire in the sky, and of course, goes to investigate (that’s never a good idea.). He follows the light where he finds Bennigan’s nametag and giant footprints (Godzilla? T-rex of Jurassic Park fame?). We […]


The Whispers “X Marks the Spot” recap: Parents just don’t understand …

“Parents just don’t understand.” It’s not just a Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince hit, but a line that can accurately describe the paranormal drama The Whispers on ABC. The debut episode “X Marks the Spot” begins with young Harper talking to what is believed to be her imaginary friend Drill (what happened to names like Bob?). The six-year-old calls her mom up to a tree house after following instructions from Drill; the mom falls through the wooden floor. The strange case introduces us to FBI child specialist Claire Bennigan, who is going through her own issues. Son Henry is deaf […]


Grimm Season 4 finale recap: “Cry Havoc”

So folks, here it is, the final episode of the season. Some loose ends are tied up but the door gets kicked wide open at the end. We pick up exactly where we left off last week with Nick bellowing NOOOO! after being presented with his mother’s head in a box by Kenneth and the Goon Squad. Nick is nearly catatonic with grief and rage until Trubel, realizing that they are all in some deep, deep, well, trouble, assumes that after her run in with the Hundjaeger, they’re likely caught in a trap, and it might be a really good […]


Grimm recap Season 4 episode 19 — “Iron Hans”

An overcast day at a farm somewhere, as group of campers is getting their gear together for a trip. A woman comes by to collect all their gadgets as a father and son team helps the campers load up a van. Once packed, they head out, leaving the woman, Maggie, behind to head out on their boy’s adventure. At the Apothecary, Rosalee, Monroe, Nick and Hank are discussing the Juliette problem and, unfortunately, Rosalee and Monroe haven’t found any sort of a cure. Well, there is always Adalind, since she made it all happen. Nick opposes the idea, but they […]


Grimm recap Season 4 episode 18: “Mishipeshu”

“Two days from now,” reads the title card as Hank and Nick have a big ol’ brawl to start out this week’s Grimm. Hank seems to be getting the better of Nick, which is strange until we see that Hank’s eyes seem to be glowing yellow. Which isn’t a good thing on any show, let’s be honest, but especially not on this one. Cut to “Now” as Monroe and Rosalee have Nick and Hank over for a quiet dinner. Monroe offers everyone wine because they drink a lot of wine in Portland, but Nick needs something stronger. The whiskey just […]

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The Messengers — The CW’s new drama is Rapture-ous.

A strange occurrence in the New Mexico desert stops the hearts of five strangers, then resurrects them again — as Earth-bound angels. Not the white-robed, harp-toting kind. The “oracles of the apocalypse” kind, in Everyman clothing. As these unwitting emissaries — a scientist, a single mom, a bullied student, an FBI agent and a televangelist — come to grips with extraordinary new powers and how they got them, their lives begin to intersect with one another’s and that of a mysterious figure known only as “The Man” (Diogo Morgado). Meet The CW’s The Messengers. “If Close Encounters and The Stand […]


Grimm Season 4 episode 17 recap: “Hibernaculum”

As we being this week’s Grimm, sad Nick is eating alone at home. He sadly looks at a picture of him and Juliette from before and, sadly, lays it face down. Did I mention he is sad? Meanwhile, in a no less sad place, Renard is at home, presumably after the throwdown with Prince Kenneth (not a very Royal name, I must add) checking out his battle wounds. Juliette barges in all hot under the collar asking where Adalind is and if she’s still in town, because Juliette is going to kill her. Renard admits that’s a pretty good idea […]


Grimm Recap Season 4 episode 15: “Double Date”

Last night on Grimm, Captain Renard is dreaming of his own death in a violent loop and wakes up drenched in his own blood. Nick, meanwhile is still trying to reach Juliette on the phone, but after last week’s confrontation it’s obvious why she might not be picking up. She’s a hideous Hexenbeast and it’s her sweethearts job to take them out. That’s a sticky situation. At a bar, a businessman is striking out in that way only lonely businessmen do. Just as he is about to leave (wisely, I might add, because his game is cringe-worthy) he meets a […]