Hell On Wheels Recap Season 5 Episode 8: Two Soldiers

Well, fellow Hell-ions, it’s been a long-ass wait, but here we are – the last half of the last season of the great Hell on Wheels. I’m bummed I wasn’t on board to begin, but I’m honored to cover the caboose. We all knew at the start that the railroads would meet, and just a year shy of the six it took to hammer in the historical spike that made the Transcontinental, we’ll see it happen on AMC. When we left off for the longest “mid-season” break in history, Cullen Bohannon pissed off (and on) everyone when he convinced Ulysses […]

The American West

This Weekend: Discover the Frontier on AMC’s The American West

AMC’s eight-part docudrama The American West premieres Saturday, and transports viewers to the wild and wonderful American frontier with a blend of dramatic reenactments and interviews with historians and Western movie notables. The series is executive produced by the award-winning Stephen David (The World Wars, The Men Who Built America) in association with Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions, and features interviews with actors whose work on Western films helped bring this era of American history to life. Some of the series’ famous faces include Redford, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Kiefer Sutherland, Mark Harmon and Ed Harris. In the post-Civil […]


Roots: The Classic Novel and Miniseries Gets a Powerful New Adaptation

Roots, based on Alex Haley’s novel, was first produced for television in 1977, when the epic, eight-part miniseries went on to gain huge audiences (its finale still ranks as the No. 3 highest-rated episode of television) and launch a star in LeVar Burton, who played the iconic character of Kunta Kinte. In History’s exceptional four-part retelling of Roots, it is into Burton’s memorable shoes that actor Malachi Kirby now steps as Kunta, the initial, and overarching, protagonist in a story that leads from 1750 Africa, to the slave trade and plantation life, and beyond the Civil War. Although this new […]

Historical Programming

Memorial Day 2016 TV programming

Memorial Day 2016 in America is Monday, May 30. The day, and the days leading up to it, will feature plenty of somber programming related to the true nature of the holiday — remembering those who died while serving in America’s armed forces — as well as lighter fare to help people enjoy the time off that they hopefully have. Here are some of the TV highlights this weekend. Memorial Day 2016 TV Programming (All Times Eastern) Monster Week 2016 — May 26-June 2 on Animal Planet. Animal Planet’s annual programming event about creepy crawlies. See more details here. Syfy Memorial Day […]

All The Way HBO Bryan Cranston Anthony Mackie

All The Way: Bryan Cranston on playing a purposeful LBJ as the “accidental” president’s achievements are jeopardized today

All the Way premieres Sunday, May 21 at 8/7CT on HBO. Forty-seven years after he left the White House, Lyndon Baines Johnson is having something of a renaissance. Most of us know “LBJ” as the droning, jowly Texan who became president when Lee Harvey Oswald trained his gun on John F. Kennedy and quashed America’s Camelot dreams. What you recall from there (if you recall a single thing) depends on your age, your race, your geography … maybe your family ties. But not a day goes by that you aren’t affected by Johnson’s policies, the social-minded core of which is ground zero […]


Underground on WGN: Follow the Underground Railroad beyond the history books

WGN America’s ambitious Underground hopes to move what most Americans know about the Underground Railroad well beyond some hazy recollections from history class. The rending 10-episode drama — a three-year labor of love co-executive produced by John Legend and filmed in part on the Plantation Quarters at the Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum — intertwines tales of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and souls who feel unbearably alone into an intense examination of race, economics, cowardice and courage anchored in the moral and fiscal morass that fostered slavery in 1857 America. “One […]


Of Kings and Prophets: ABC’s epic biblical drama proves worth the wait

Of Kings and Prophets premieres Tuesday, March 8 at 10/9CT on ABC. Of Kings and Prophets showrunner Chris Brancato admits that bringing a Bible-based epic to network TV — as a weekly primetime series, no less — requires guts. And enough time to do the job right. ABC’s big-budget series was already in production in South Africa when the net approached Brancato — who moved on from his acclaimed Netflix drama Narcos — to helm the show. He opted to scrap Kings’ existing pilot and start fresh, bumping the premiere from the fall 2015 schedule. Shouldering up with Kings’ creators Adam […]