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The Long Road Home: We’re On Set As Martha Raddatz’s Moving Tale Of Military Sacrifice Comes To National Geographic

It’s 1am on a stifling, central Texas June night and a life-or-death battle is being waged in a remote area of the sprawling Fort Hood military base. Fifteen soldiers hunker down in an open-sided tactical vehicle that is no match for their assailants’ firepower. Some fire frantically into the hostile darkness. Others bellow from the pain of fresh wounds. And one, their leader, does his best to mitigate chaos. No, war hasn’t come stateside. Nor is this an elaborate training exercise. Instead, I’m in the midst of a rending, pivotal moment on the set of National Geographic’s event series The […]

The White Princess

The White Princess: Humble And Penitent? Not This Lady

A new generation of wicked-smart, scheming women manipulate the English throne in Starz’s eight-episode limited series The White Princess. The series is a follow-up to 2013’s The White Queen — both based on Philippa Gregory’s historical fiction novels of the same names — which follows the political and emotionally turbulent times of 15th-century British history over who is the rightful king … according to the ladies’ vantage point. In this complex monarchal world way too full of Richards, Edwards, Henrys and Elizabeths, there is a battle between two sides of the same family — the House of Lancaster and the […]

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The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses: BBC’s Shakespearean Smash Returns to PBS

In 2013, PBS thrilled history buffs and fans of the Bard with the Shakespearean miniseries The Hollow Crown, a BBC production that boasted Jeremy Irons and Michelle Dockery among its cast. Beginning Sunday, PBS revives the tale with The Wars of the Roses, a trio of lavish, star-packed film adaptations focused on Henry VI (Tom Sturridge) and Richard III (Benedict Cumberbatch) that will air as part of its Great Performances franchise. The new additions illustrate the ongoing battle for the English crown — a medieval spectacle encompassing French rebellion, England’s civil war, the rise and fall of Joan of Arc, […]


Hell On Wheels Recap Season 5 Episode 8: Two Soldiers

Well, fellow Hell-ions, it’s been a long-ass wait, but here we are – the last half of the last season of the great Hell on Wheels. I’m bummed I wasn’t on board to begin, but I’m honored to cover the caboose. We all knew at the start that the railroads would meet, and just a year shy of the six it took to hammer in the historical spike that made the Transcontinental, we’ll see it happen on AMC. When we left off for the longest “mid-season” break in history, Cullen Bohannon pissed off (and on) everyone when he convinced Ulysses […]