OutDaughtered Danielle, Adam and Blayke Busby and the Busby Quintuplets

OutDaughtered on TLC: Danielle Busby on bringing up five babies and a big girl!

OutDaughtered stars Danielle and Adam Busby always knew they were meant to be parents. Both adored children, kids loved them right back, and Danielle dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom with her own large and loving brood. So the Louisiana-born couple were stunned to discover they had problems conceiving. A year of fertility treatments resulted in a beautiful daughter they called Blayke, and, three years later, Danielle and Adam decided to take one more shot at expanding their family. Embarking on the same fertility regiment that brought her little Blayke, Danielle became pregnant just two months later. And so began an adventure even the baby-loving Busbys could […]

Binge Watching

The Wonder Years: What episodes to watch & why

WHAT IS The Wonder Years ABOUT? Who is in it? Where is The Wonder Years now? Why is it binge-worthy? Must-sees Most shocking episodes That line was so great An enthralling and nostalgic retro comedy/drama series that revolves around a young kid named Kevin Arnold and the challenges he faces during his “Wonder Years” of growing up during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Original TV Home: ABC Number Of Seasons: 6 (1988-1993) Total Episodes / Time Table: 115 Episodes (approx. 23-24 minutes each) = approx. 58 hours. Viewing Strategy: You can complete the series in about a month by […]


Kelly Clarkson’s Tear-Jerking Performance On “American Idol”

In Thursday night’s episode of American Idol, the aging reality series showed why it’s a shell of what it once was. The series announced the final 10 contestants in its final season: MacKenzie Bourg, Trent Harmon, Gianna Isabella, Lee Jean, Tristan McIntosh, Dalton Rapattoni, La’Porsha Renae, Olivia Rox, Sonika Vaid and Avalon Young. Four of the contestants were unanimously chosen by the judges last night — Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. — and the remaining six were chosen by America’s votes. But the best moment of the night was when Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson brought America […]

Maya Penn

Interview With Teen Designer Maya Penn

Maya Penn is amazing. That’s the impression I got of the young artist/designer/animator/philanthropist after we chatted about her latest honor. Maya is one of four inspiring teens chosen my Sprout to profile as part of the preschool network’s celebration Black History Month. In each profile, a talented teen is paired with a famous historical figure with a similar area of expertise. Maya was paired with Elizabeth Keckley, a designer who became the preferred designer and trusted friend of First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln. Check out Maya and Elizabeth’s feature here!! Maya started her eco-friendly fashion company, Maya’s Ideas, at the age […]


On Set: “Brain Games” Wants To Give You A Mindgasm

I’m at a castle outside of London, and I’m watching King Henry VIII (and his suspiciously large, but historically accurate, codpiece) counsel three people in matching sweaters. One of the three is a genius. And celebrity smartie Jason Silva is there. But this isn’t a dream — this is Brain Games, and I’ve been invited along as the NGC series shoots Season 5, and further explores the 3 pounds of gray stuff that resides inside our skulls. Our adventure for today is Hever Castle, the childhood home of Henry VIII’s second wife Anne Boleyn and also home to an impressive […]

Recovery Road

“Recovery Road”: A Gripping & Triumphant Look At Teen Addiction

Tonight, Freeform ventures into the real and really tragic world of teen addiction with its bright and hopeful Recovery Road. The drama chronicles the recovery process of Maddie, a high school party girl who chooses rehab over expulsion when she’s bound with booze at school. Now Maddie spends her nights at a sober-living facility with other recovering addicts, and attends high school by day while keeping her “secret life” from her friends. Related: Jessica Sula Answers Our “5 Questions” Jessica Sula stars as Maddie, and the charming young actress knows there’s a lot of pressure riding on her in this role. […]


Catching up with Larry Black of RFD-TV’s Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion

It’s near impossible to tune in to RFD-TV’s Larry’s Country Diner and not want to climb through the screen to share some pie and sociability with host Larry Black and his cast of amiable characters as they crack wise, reminisce about classic moments in music and television and generally have a fine time. • MORE: Larry’s Country Diner serves up generous helpings of country greats on RFD-TV. The 70-year-old, Alabama-born preacher’s son turned his love of music and rich baritone voice into a decades-long career as a disc jockey — during its heyday, the Larry Black Show aired on 125 radio […]


ABC special celebrates Toy Story 20th anniversary

It was probably obvious to most who sat and watched, with jaws dropped, that they were witnessing a game-changer when Pixar’s original Toy Story first hit theaters 20 years ago during the holiday season of 1995. Pixar had, of course, done amazing short films made with computer-generated animation for years prior to that, but Toy Story represented the painstaking effort of making the very first feature-length computer-animated film. And it succeeded brilliantly — with the expert animation and engaging voice cast, including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen — in actually drawing in audiences and getting them to emotionally invest in […]

reindeer cam on Animal Planet

The reindeer just peed …

Well, I shouldn’t say “just” but when I finally spotted the gal that’s what I was treated to. Not exactly the welcome shot I was looking for but, hey, we are talking live Reindeer Cam here. Let’s back this up a bit … so Animal Planet sends out a press release on their Reindeer Cam that’s live from the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota. Check it out at http://www.apl.tv/reindeer.htm The cam is following two female reindeer named Abby and June Bug, and you can check in and see what they are up to anytime on just […]


Dolly Parton’s Coat Of Many Colors: The country legend brings her most personal song to TV

I was a little kid growing up in a home filled with country music when Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” became a radio hit in 1971. I already loved the story of the original coat thanks to Sunday school, and since I was a small-town girl with a loving mama, too, I fell hard for that song. I still get goosebumps when I hear it. This month, NBC brings the tender tune of a family’s love and resilience in the face of tragedy — personified by a little patchwork jacket — to television as part of a deal with the […]