Gold Rush Parker's Trail on Discovery Channel

Exclusive Preview: Tempers Elevate On ‘Gold Rush Parker’s Trail’

Here’s an exclusive preview to tonight’s episode of Gold Rush Parker’s Trail (airing Friday, April 7 at 9/8c on Discovery), it’s the second episode in the three-part limited series. Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness, along with wilderness guide Karl Ann Charlton and cameraman James Levelle need to navigate the lock system at the Lewes Dam, which marks the start of the Yukon River. They run into a problem when they can’t get the dam to open. Tempers elevate between Parker and James over finding a solution. Watch the video below: As the most successful miner in Gold Rush […]

Gold Rush exclusive preview

Gold Rush Exclusive Preview: Holy Crap Parker! That Washplant Is Going To Go …

Overwhelmed with water is an understatement in the upcoming new episode of Gold Rush. Discovery Channel’s “MEGA WEEK” continues through the weekend with this mega-packed episode of Gold Rush (Friday at 9/8c). In this exclusive preview, Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness struggle to get things under control at the claim. A lethal combination of a rain-soaked berm and 3,300 gallons a minute of water being pumped through Parker’s sluice — “Sluice-ifer” — threaten to destroy his entire season. The water is washing away the pad beneath his $600,000 washplant. As the pad is being pummeled with water, and the dirt […]


Laura Gómez Dishes on Orange is the New Black Season 4 … and her Character’s Eyebrows

A new season of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black premieres June 17, and to get Season 4 deets, we checked in with actress Laura Gómez, who plays inmate Blanca Flores. “There’s going to be so much talk about this season,” the actress shares. “It’s really special.” We chatted about what’s new for Litchfield, the dish on Blanca and we got the lowdown on her character’s signature look. Channel Guide Magazine: Laura, is this the season we’re finally going to get Blanca’s backstory? Laura Gómez: You know there’s a real season where we’re definitely going to see more of Blanca. […]


EXCLUSIVE: New Discovery Series Looks For American Tarzan

Right around the time that the feature film The Legend of Tarzan hits theaters, Discovery Channel will be debuting a new series of its own to determine who can actually survive in and master the wild like the famed King of the Jungle has — American Tarzan. American Tarzan, premiering July 6 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery, should appeal to fans of the network’s other survival series, such as Naked and Afraid. Seven (fully-clothed) challengers gather on the remote Caribbean island of Dominica to take on Mother Nature’s most brutal challenges. It’s a journey across four distinct terrains: jungle, coast, mountains and canyons. Over these […]