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Not so fast: Rush Hour TV series isn’t up to speed

A TV series adapted from a popular film franchise has the benefit of brand recognition and a built-in audience. On the other hand, the TV project is saddled with its own set of expectations and inevitable comparisons to the films. In the case of Rush Hour on CBS, the movies leave their TV adaptation in the dust. Chris Tucker played wisecracking maverick detective Carter and Jackie Chan played straitlaced Hong Kong detective and martial arts expert Lee in three Rush Hour movies. Now CBS is reimagining the interracial buddy-cop action/comedy franchise in a new hourlong series starring relative newcomers Justin […]

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Elodie Yung thinks Elektra in Marvel’s Daredevil “is kind of a sociopath”

Marvel’s Daredevil, the acclaimed Netflix series based on the comic, returns for Season 2 on Netflix March 18, with Charlie Cox again playing the title hero, joined by returning cast members Deborah Ann Woll as Karen, Elden Henson as Foggy, Rosario Dawson as Claire and Scott Glenn as Stick. New to the Daredevil series are Elodie Yung as Elektra, and Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher. You may remember these two characters from various film incarnations, but it sounds like there will be some unique takes on them in this series. “We think Elektra is kind of a […]


Why I Should Binge-Watch The Shield

WHAT IS The Shield ABOUT? Who is in it? Where is The Shield now? Why is it binge-worthy? Must-sees Most shocking episodes That line was so great A gritty police drama set in Los Angeles, The Shield revolves around a group of detectives dedicated to battling gang activity in the fictional Farmington neighborhood of L.A. Michael Chiklis tops the cast of the series as an ethically compromised detective named Vic Mackey, who heads up the unit known as the Strike Team, which often relies on unethical, corrupt – and illegal – methods to nab bad guys. Original TV Home: FX […]


Into the Badlands Season 1 finale recap: “Hand of Five Poisons”

This is a good title for the season finale of a glorious series – and it aptly describes what I may use to slap the powers that be at AMC if Into the Badlands is not renewed! It’s been a blast watching this over the past six weeks, and I KNOW many others share in my sentiment. There is nothing else like it on TV. But let’s get to it. Sunny races through the poppies with his payment to the River King. I tweeted something about substituting Bale’s noggin for M.K.’s, and that’s exactly what Sunny’s does! Now I feel […]


Supergirl Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Hostile Takeover

The Kryptonian family feud comes to a head on the Supergirl midseason finale. Having escaped Astra and returned to the DEO — where Alex tells her to rust Hank Henshaw and let them handle Kara’s aunt — Kara discovers Astra hovering over CatCo. The two go to battle. But during each of their encounters you get a sense of just how close the two were, especially during flashbacks to when Kara was a little girl. They fight, but exhibit restraint when each is in a vulnerable position. There is — or was — love between them. Supergirl eventually captures Astra and […]


Into the Badlands Season 1 episode 5 recap: “Snake Creeps Down”

We’re one episode from the end of the season, Into the Badlands fans. So much has been tossed in the ring, there’s no way ANY of it will be resolved — unless the finale introduces us to the atomic-bomb baron who simply blows everything up — by the end. This would be a pisser, but I’m the kind of person who needs closure … or at least a straight answer about a second season. AMC, on behalf of all who’ve come to love this series, I ask that you quit messing with our heads. Sunny and M.K. are fighting on the […]


Syfy’s “The Expanse” combines old-school space opera and sleek, modern sci fi

Syfy is billing The Expanse as the most ambitious series in its history, and from what we’ve seen, that shows. It has a look and feel that combines good old space opera with sleek science fiction, reminding us of Guardians of the Galaxy at times in its fun yet thrilling depiction of a future that — despite being set 200 years away from our time, when humanity has colonized the solar system — still has a lived-in look. There’s nothing tidy about this future, or its characters, especially rogue ship’s captain Jim Holden (Steven Strait, pictured). “We have the technology […]


Into the Badlands Season 1 Episode 4 recap – “Two Tigers Subdue Dragons”

I have a dilemma. As of right now, the only character I trust is Sunny, and I’m not even certain he’s to be trusted. This is not good and can’t be resolved in only two more episodes. I hope like hell things have only just begun for this series. If I’m left in this state at the end of the sixth episode, with no hope for more, I’ll need therapy. • Into the Badlands Season 1 recaps: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3  The episode begins as Tilda runs through the woods. She’s wearing a white dress and […]


Into the Badlands Episode 3 recap: “White Stork Spread Wings”

For me, this episode seals the deal, Into the Badlands fans. The groundwork is established, the characters have developed nicely, the story is moving along quickly, and I know the rest of the season will be brilliant. Episode three is filled with the usual hardcore fight sequences, tense moments of M.K.’s stupidly- stubborn and sneaky antics, and the looming doom that Quinn’s acute awareness (of exactly who’s pulling what) threatens to bring. Quinn’s war is waged without hesitation. As the episode opens, he and his Clippers descend on The Widow like ants on a dropped popsicle … yeah, the simile […]


Recap: Into the Badlands Episode 2 — Fist Like A Bullet

Into the Badlands airs Sunday nights at 10/9CT on AMC. It all begins with the most uncomfortable looking pair of black boots I’ve ever seen. It’s The Widow. She’s in a bar. It’s dingy, dark and full of go-go dancers, one of whom is using an angle grinder on her bustier. How creative. The Widow spots who she’s looking for. It’s her former Regent, Teague. The Widow’s not impressed by how he’s spending what he pilfered, but she’ll let bygones be bygones if he helps her out. He goes for his sword, but she kicks it away before he touches it. […]