Jazmyn Simon of HBO's Ballers
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Jazmyn Simon talks best job ever (HBO), being starstruck, cool cars & more

Life on the set of HBO’s new dramedy Ballers (Sundays at 10pm) for Jazmyn Simon was pretty amazing.  Luxurious mansions, amazing cars and Dwayne Johnson — not bad for the new girl. “It was amazing. It didn’t suck at all,” Simon laughs. “The cars alone — there’s one episode you’ll see, I think it’s episode 6, there is just a driveway full of the nicest cars you could ever imagine. They all belong to like two people. It’s like this is ridiculous, but you know, art imitates life, because that’s really how it is. We had writers in the writing […]

The Brink
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7 Questions with … Eric Ladin of HBO’s “The Brink”

HBO’s new half-hour dark comedy series, The Brink focuses on a political crisis and its effect on three men: The US Secretary of State (Tim Robbins); a low-level Foreign Service Officer (Jack Black); and a Navy fighter pilot (Pablo Schreiber). These three extremely flawed characters must wade through the chaos around them to save the planet from World War III. Related: read more about The Brink Actor Eric Ladin plays Glenn “Jammer” Taylor, the country-fried co-pilot of Zeke “Z-Pak” Tilson (Schreiber). “I love how much he looks up to, respects and idolizes Z-Pak. They’re peers,” says Ladin, “but he really […]

Max & Shred
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7 Questions With … Max & Shred Star Jake Goodman

Jake Goodman must be hungry. He’s on his lunch break from shooting Season 2 of Max & Shred and the actor is talking about food, a lot! Jake and his co-star Jonny Gray took a few minutes of their break to chat about Season 2 of Max & Shred, shared deets of their on-set antics and talk about what it’s like being actors. Jake and Jonny also answered 7 Questions — a chance for their fans to get to know them a little better. Below are Jake’s funny answers. 1. What the best book that you read recently, that you’d recommend to other […]

Ross Butler
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7 Questions With … Ross Butler of “K.C. Undercover,” “Teen Beach 2” and “Perfect High”

When Ross Butler looks back on his career, he may look at June 2015 as the month when it all came together. The actor appears on the Disney comedy K.C. Undercover as star (and executive producer) Zendya’s partner and love interest. On June 26, Butler will appear in the highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beech 2, and the very next night he stars in the Lifetime film, Perfect High alongside Bella Thorne, Israel Broussard and Daniela Bobadilla. “It’s all within a month,” marveled the actor, “I didn’t even think of that! Teen Beach 2 coming out a day before […]

Jonny Gray
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7 Questions with … Jonny Gray from Max & Shred

Actor Jonny Gray plays pro snowboarder Max Asher in the hot kids series, Max & Shred. The series airs on Nickelodeon in the U.S. and YTV in Canada, where the series films. Jonny reveals that he’s a pretty good snowboarder, having been riding for the last 6 years, but he’s nowhere as good as his character. He revealed, “I just hope when I’m out snowboarding, that somebody’s not going to recognize me, because then they’re going to be like, ‘Oh, you know, go do something crazy.’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, I can’t.’” When Jonny took a break from shooting Season 2 of […]

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7 Questions with Cristián de la Fuente of Lifetime’s Devious Maids

Lifetime’s spicy hit series Devious Maids from executive producers Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria returns June 1 in a new Monday night time slot. This season’s regular cast will be joined by a handful of familiar faces including Naya Rivera (Glee), John O’Hurley (General Hospital), Nathan Owens (Days of Our Lives) and Chilean hunk Cristián de la Fuente, a veteran of Spanish-language telenovelas such as Valiant Love. De la Fuente says he’s thrilled with his juicy role, but he couldn’t confirm rumors that he plays Ernesto, Rosie’s mysterious first husband. “I don’t want them to kill me — literally — because, you know, a […]

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7 Questions with James Maslow of Lifetime’s Seeds of Yesterday

Last weekend’s  If There Be Thorns, fans of Lifetime’s V.C. Andrews film adaptations got their first look at Bart Winslow — a sallow, worried boy whose sibling jealousies got a serious boost from his grandma Corrine and her creepy butler who moved in next door to Bart’s mom, Cathy, and her husband, Chris. Who are also brother and sister. Bart’s real dad is Grandma Corrine’s late husband and … well, you can see why the youngest of Cathy’s surviving sons might have a couple screws loose here and there. Which, says former Big Time Rush star James Maslow, who plays him in Sunday night’s Seeds […]

Derek Hough
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7 Questions With… Derek Hough of Dancing With The Stars

  Since he first joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars in Season 5, Derek Hough and his celebrity partners have won the dance competition five times and he’s choreographed some of the show’s most memorable dance performances. His work has earned Hough an Emmy where he also performed and he even helped choreograph a routine for for Olympic Ice Dancers, Meryl Davis and Charlie White (who later competed on Season 18 of the show). This season, Hough is paired with former Olympic champion, gymnast Nastia Liukin and while she studies at NYU during the week, Hough performs 10 shows […]

No Picture
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Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe answers our 7 Questions

Outlander star Caitriona Balfe credits bestselling author Diana Gabaldon for the series’ large fan base, but she’s far too modest to admit that fans are just as obsessed with her and her costar Sam Heughan, who bring the beloved characters of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser to life. Outlander will return for the second half of Season 1 beginning Saturday, April 4. In the new episodes Claire’s “beginning to realize how dangerous the world that she’s in now is. We’ll see her learn, she’ll definitely learn from these experiences,” Balfe tells. In a continuation from our earlier interview, the delightful […]

No Picture
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5 Questions With … Guillermo Diaz of “Scandal”

On Scandal, Guillermo Diaz is a badass — and not your run-of-the-mill badass, who might ride a Harley, have a tattoo and deck someone who deserves it. As Huck, he’s a former CIA agent, who has assassinated world leaders and is trained in torture. Let’s not forget that he did pull out Quinn’s teeth because she “could never mind her own business.” Huck has a scowl that projects: “Cross me, and you, too, could find yourself in need of an orthodontic surgeon.” Away from the ABC monster hit, at a network party in Pasadena, Díaz is relaxed and, dare we say it? […]