Battle Creek series finale recap and closing thoughts: “Sympathy for the Devil”

Finally, Battle Creek fans, we know the ghosts that haunt Milt Chamberlain. We are presented with what seems like Milt’s regular routine: wake up, throw on a hoodie, chat in the elevator of his building and drive out to a park, where he chants his mantra — “forward, positive, embrace the day” — then screams his lungs out before going for a run. His run and workout are punishingly intense. You can almost sense his anger in the hard foot falls and the way he attacks the exercise equipment. He returns to his car, sweaty and tired from the exertion, but […]


Battle Creek episode 12 recap: “Homecoming

Here’s what went down on Battle Creek episode 12, appropriately titled “Homecoming.” Russ comes in to work in a great mood after the events in the evidence locker with Holly. Alas, the mood doesn’t last. They literally run into each other in the hallway, and she apologizes for practically attacking him. Russ doesn’t mind, but Holly shrugs it off claiming it was “no big deal.” In the precinct office, Font has returned to duty after his run in with a piece of shrapnel in his brain. He’s also caught a messy John Doe case – some dude walked in front […]


Battle Creek episode 11 recap: “The Hand-Off”

On the first of Sunday night’s Battle Creek double header, Russ and Funk are in uniform on their way to a “community outreach” event. Of course, Russ is complaining the whole way and Funk’s attempts to cheer him backfires. Funk gets a text that there’s been a shooting in McKinley Park, so Russ turns the car around glad to have anything else to do besides yammer in front of a crowd. They arrive on the scene to find a woman, who tells them she’s a doctor, giving CPR to the gunshot victim. Russ and the woman race the victim to […]


Grimm Season 4 finale recap: “Cry Havoc”

So folks, here it is, the final episode of the season. Some loose ends are tied up but the door gets kicked wide open at the end. We pick up exactly where we left off last week with Nick bellowing NOOOO! after being presented with his mother’s head in a box by Kenneth and the Goon Squad. Nick is nearly catatonic with grief and rage until Trubel, realizing that they are all in some deep, deep, well, trouble, assumes that after her run in with the Hundjaeger, they’re likely caught in a trap, and it might be a really good […]


Battle Creek Episode 10 recap: “Stockholm”

It’s night. A hand comes up out of a patch of tall weeds. The hand is followed by a body crawling from the ground in the middle of nowhere. The body is that of a man, who runs for a stand of nearby trees as sirens go off in the distance. It’s a prison break. Dissolve to searchlights on choppers combing the field for the escapee, a federal prisoner by the name of Clint Ford. Milt has asked Russ to join him on the case, Russ is stoked that finally the FBI is asking him for help on a Federal case, […]


Grimm Season 4 episode 21 recap: “Headache

This is the second to last Grimm episode of the season, which is shaping up to be rather bonkers. Jack the Ripper is loose in Portland, Juliette has gone from Hexenbitch to full on collaborator with Kenneth and the Royal Goon Squad, who has lured Kelly, Nick’s Mom, back to town. The show opens where we left off last week, with Nick in the unfortunate position of having his drawn pistol controlled by Juliette. Everyone in the shop takes cover except for Monroe, who seems immobile with fear as Nick draws a bead on him. Hank dives for Monroe as […]

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Battle Creek Episode 9 recap: “Gingerbread Man”

As Battle Creek Episode 9, “Gingerbread Man,” begins, Detectives Russ and Font are rolling in Font’s new car, a Toyota, and Russ is busting his chops for buying an import in the car capitol of America. Font points out that the car was assembled in Ohio. Suddenly, Font whips the car around. He’s just spotted a guy passing that he’s sure is Barclay Spades, a fugitive on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. During the pursuit, Russ is whining because Font’s going to spill Russ’ Super hot coffee. Russ tries to get Font to stop but Font is determined to get […]

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Grimm Recap Season 4 episode 20 “You Don’t Know Jack”

After the stunt Juliette pulled on last week’s Grimm, attempting to burn down Nick’s life, I have to admit that there are only two fates I want to see for her: a) I kinda hope she stays evil, because at least she’s scary and fun, or b) she get’s killed. While she’s become truly horrible as a Hexenbiest, it sure beats having her mope around doing nothing. That said… The monster squad, Nick, Hank, Monroe and Wu pay a visit to the burned out trailer. Inside, the devastation is substantial, but not a complete loss. As they survey the damage, […]


Battle Creek recap episode 108: “Old Wounds”

As we begin this week’s Battle Creek Guziewicz’s adopted son, Danny, is being haunted by visions of his parent’s murders when he was three — the murders that left him an orphan in the Commander’s care. Danny has new information about the event that leads him to Special Agent Chamberlain to ask for help in reopening the case; he wants to keep Guziewicz out of the loop for fear of her blocking his request. Milt, sensing the sensitive nature of the request, takes Danny home where they discuss the case over a game of basketball. While in jail for missing a […]


Grimm recap Season 4 episode 19 — “Iron Hans”

An overcast day at a farm somewhere, as group of campers is getting their gear together for a trip. A woman comes by to collect all their gadgets as a father and son team helps the campers load up a van. Once packed, they head out, leaving the woman, Maggie, behind to head out on their boy’s adventure. At the Apothecary, Rosalee, Monroe, Nick and Hank are discussing the Juliette problem and, unfortunately, Rosalee and Monroe haven’t found any sort of a cure. Well, there is always Adalind, since she made it all happen. Nick opposes the idea, but they […]