The Boss Baby

New to On Demand: The Boss Baby

July 25, 2017 Paul Hall 0

Families grow every day. New babies come home with excited parents and two becomes three or three becomes four. But rarely do babies arrive by themselves in a taxi. That’s what Tim sees out his […]


New to On Demand: CHiPS

June 27, 2017 Paul Hall 0

California. Sunshine, beautiful people and the California Highway Patrol. They are all present in the movie reboot of the television series CHiPS. Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Michael Peña) is an FBI agent making the trip from […]

Beauty and The Beast

New to On Demand: Beauty and The Beast

June 6, 2017 Paul Hall 0

New to On Demand: Beauty and The Beast Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast is a classic film. So when I heard that Disney was producing a live-action reimagining of those iconic colorful scenes, I wondered […]

Fist Fight

New to On Demand: Fist Fight

May 30, 2017 Paul Hall 0

None of the teachers are ready for what the last day of school brings in the movie Fist Fight. The kids are wild and pranks are occurring at a rate that makes the national debt […]


New to On Demand: Logan

May 23, 2017 Paul Hall 0

The tales of Wolverine have been told in a number of X-Men movies. This time around, in the movie Logan, Wolverine is unleashed in an R-rated turn that delivers a sharp and cutting film. Logan […]

Get Out

VOD Spotlight: Get Out

May 23, 2017 Paul Hall 0

When I initially saw the trailers for the new film Get Out, I was intrigued. It looked to be cool melding of comedy and horror from the mind of Jordan Peele. What I got even […]

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