Blade Runner 2049

New to On Demand: Blade Runner 2049

Replicants still exist as of 2049, 30 years since the events of Blade Runner. The world has changed yet is still very similar to the place that existed. The law searches for outdated replicants that have since been replaced by a modified and more docile model. Living in this futuristic world, the ability to distinguish what is real and what is not is an extremely difficult endeavor. Replicants have been created to assist in all functions of life, and they are nearly indistinguishable from their human counterparts. And where there is not a true replicant, there are plenty of holograms […]


New to On Demand: It

Children of all ages have always had mixed feelings about clowns. Some are overjoyed by the fun and smiles that clowns bring, while others find them to be the most frightening characters imaginable. When you meet Pennywise from the film It, based on Stephen King’s eponymous novel, it is easy to understand the fear that runs deep in some. Our collective fears of not only clowns, but also germs, basements and other things are at the heart of It. The town of Derry is a quiet place to be in 1989, but things are about to change for this sleepy […]


New to On Demand: Marshall

From slavery to the civil rights movement to present-day protests, race relations have always been an issue in the United States. The film Marshall takes a look at one immensely positive figure in the struggle for racial equality and his actions that changed America. That man is Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman). He won the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case that eliminated segregated schools, and he went on to become the first African-American to serve on the United States Supreme Court. In Marshall, we look at Thurgood’s early days as a lawyer for the NAACP. Marshall traveled around the […]

Battle of the Sexes

New to On Demand: Battle of the Sexes

Although I was only a pint-sized version of myself in 1973, I heard about the battle that had the country’s attention and knew the sides being drawn. In the film Battle of the Sexes, the men are pitted against the women as that battle — the memorable tennis match — plays out at the Houston Astrodome. Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) was successful on the men’s tennis circuit. Now, over 50 years old, his time on the court is spent hustling the men who challenge him. If there’s money on the line, he wants it and will do anything to get […]


New to On Demand: Dunkirk

Director Christopher Nolan has been gaining a phenomenal reputation in Hollywood. With Dunkirk, Nolan sets his sights on World War II and telling the story of the people who were there during the fateful period. The story of Dunkirk deals with the British, French and Belgian troops being surrounded by German soldiers. Casualties were mounting as the Allied forces tried mightily to withdraw their forces. They attempted to fend off the ground troops advancing on them and the air attack devastating some of the destroyers trying to evacuate the men. As the attack continued to take its toll, the military […]


New to On Demand: Detroit

In 1967, as race riots swept the nation, Detroit found itself in the middle of a war zone. After a police raid on an illegal club, the fuse was lit and African-American men took to the streets to fight back against the predominantly white police force. Detroit, from Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, focuses on the incidents that followed. Every battle has a number of both good and bad people involved. Unfortunately, in many cases, it’s the bad who have the loudest voice and the bad who ultimately are heard. Keeping the peace in Detroit amid rampant looting is an […]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

New to On Demand: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

We live in a dangerous world, protected by individuals we know and others we don’t. One of those behind-the-scenes defenders is the organization we met in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, made up of proper English gentlemen and women who are the best of the best when it comes to fighting evil. In the Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we find out if they can rise up and save us all again. Back in 2015, I was surprised by a cool action film called Kingsman: The Secret Service. If you haven’t checked out the first film, you may want to […]

American Assassin

New to On Demand: American Assassin

Films dealing with shadowy government groups and mercenaries paid to carry out some of the most nefarious tasks imaginable are nothing new. Quite often there is a blurring of the lines in these films between what is acceptable and what is over the line. In American Assassin, from director Michael Cuesta, we look at one man and his passionate commitment to revenge — or is it patriotism? Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) seems like a relatively happy guy in his 20s. He is living the dream, vacationing at an exotic resort with his girlfriend. It is the perfect place to propose, […]

Despicable Me 3

VOD Spotlight: Despicable Me 3

VOD Spotlight: Despicable Me 3 In Despicable Me 3 Gru (voice of Steve Carell) is working hard in the AVL (Anti-Villain League) to keep the bad guys at bay. With his partner Lucy (Kristen Wiig) by his side in life and in the agency, they work to thwart the evil plans that exist in the world. When one such mission ends in failure, Gru and Lucy are let go by the AVL and return to their life as mom and dad to Margo, Edith and Agnes. Out of the blue, a man comes and proclaims that Gru has a brother […]


New to On Demand: Leap!

Inspirational movies are a big winner at the box office. In the movie Leap!, we meet two children who yearn to follow their dreams despite living in an orphanage and having seemingly impossible aspirations. But can dreams come true? Their living situation is holding Felicie (voice of Elle Fanning) and Victor (Nat Wolff) back. Felicie yearns to be a great ballerina, and Victor wants to be the world’s next great inventor. But to proceed, they must carry out a daring escape from their home. And escape they do! It’s off to Paris. But once they arrive, the two are separated. […]