Laura Kai Chen

‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Laura Kai Chen Loves Her Job

Laura Kai Chen grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago near Lake Michigan. When we spoke, she gushed about how beautiful the city is, and one of her favorite restaurants as a child, “There was a Japanese restaurant called Akia Hana near where I grew up, where we used to go quite a bit. And then there was a fondue restaurant in Chicago. Downtown. I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of it right now. And of course, there is so much great pizza.” After graduating as a theater major with a master’s degree from […]

Karimah Westbrook 2

“All American” Star Karimah Westbrook Counts Her Blessings

Karimah Westbrook’s welcoming demeanor made our conversation feel like home. The soft-spoken, kind-hearted star of the CW’s All American fearlessly conquers her dreams and breaks ground for new possibilities. We recently caught up with the Chicago native who candidly opened up about crashing an audition, booking All American and her future goals. In her early 20s, Westbrook took a chance on herself. Without any formal representation besides a commercial agent, she crashed an audition for a major feature film that she caught wind of. “I didn’t have a theatrical agent. I only had a commercial agent. A lot of actors […]

Karimah Westbrook
5 Questions With...

5 Questions With Karimah Westbrook From “All American”

Karimah Westbrook is a multi-talented Chicago native, currently playing Grace James on the teen drama, All American. The show tackles many thought-provoking subject matters and is based on the life story of former Carolina Panthers football star Spencer Paysinger. After airing on The CW, Season 1 becomes available on Netflix starting March 31. A second season is yet to be confirmed. Recently, Westbrook took the time to answer our “5 Questions.” What motivates you as you move forward in your career? Now I understand that what’s for me is really for me, and I don’t have to wait to be […]

All Ameeican

All American Finale RECAP: ‘Championships’ 

Season one of All American ended with a bang. Now, we have to wait for the reveal of Dillon’s father. Will it be Cory or Baker? Grace has some explaining to do. I’m not making any predictions, and any word on a season two won’t be available until May. Until then, we’ll be waiting and binge-watching season one on Netflix starting March 31. “Win, win, win, win” In this episode, the Beverly Hills Eagles have made it to the state championships but their opponent is no other than South Crenshaw, Spencer’s previous football team. As usual, Spencer has a hard […]

All American, Episode 15

All American RECAP Episode 15: ‘Best Kept Secret’

In this week’s All American episode, “Best Kept Secret,” the uncertainty about Cory’s presence has caused a ripple effect on everyone’s life. Since Cory’s return home, everyone’s world has turned more dramatically. Spencer keeps finding himself at the expense of things outside of his control. At the end of last week’s episode, Spencer presented three possible secrets that influenced Cory’s reason to return; 1) To seek revenge for Grace’s affair with Baker, 2) Spencer’s rise to football fame, or 3) He actually wanted a relationship with his sons. Uncertainty Each reason equally played a role in this episode. In my […]

All American, Episode 14

All American Recap: Episode 14 “Regulate”

WTF?! Did your mouth hit the floor as mine did during the final scene of this week’s episode of All American? So, what’s the reason? : Cory wants a legitimate relationship with Spencer and Dillion. Cory recognizes that Spencer is destined to be a football star. Cory wants revenge because Grace and Baker had an affair. Cory has been subjected to bad impressions all season long because he’s been the twinkie dangling at the end of the rope. So, I’m going to say that it’s all three. Why? They all seem like legitimate reasons that influence each other. Think about […]

All American, Episode 13

All American RECAP: Episode 13 ‘Legacy’

Finally, finally, finally. I’m jumping straight into the meat of this week’s episode of All American. After all of this time, Cory James (Chad L. Coleman) finally graces us with his presence! It happens during the final game of the season and it paralyzes Spencer. He can’t focus on the game and he keeps messing up all over the field. Meanwhile, Jordan still can’t win the approval of Baker. Prime Time It all started with one little essay titled, “Who Influences You The Most?” Since football is Spencer’s claim to high school stardom, his natural instinct was to pick renowned […]

The Enemy Within

TV RECAP: NBC’s New Crime Drama, ‘The Enemy Within’, Episode 1

Well, NBC’s new crime drama, The Enemy Within, premiered last night on NBC at 10/9c. It’s a little grim for my taste. I’m still trying to process the first five minutes! I get that they’re trying to be different but it’s too much. Less is more. Morris Chestnut plays Will Keaton, an FBI Supervising Agent who’s leading an ongoing case. His task is to find a Russian rogue spy named Tal, who keeps finding ways to infiltrate the American government. Unfortunately, in Keaton’s mind, the CIA forces him to team up with Erica Shepard (Jennifer Carpenter), an ex-CIA Operative, who’s […]

All American Episode 12

All American Episode 12 Recap: “Back In The Day”

This week’s episode was like listening to classical violin samples. I was very emotional. We got a closer look at Olivia’s drug addiction and Spencer’s struggle to accept love due to his father’s departure. We also caught up with Coop, since she wasn’t in last week’s episode.  We’ve gotten to know Olivia pretty well since episode 1 and now her character sheds a light on teens in who experience drug addiction. Finally, a Beverly Hills character – besides coach Baker – gets a more insightful backstory. Olivia revisits the emotional turmoil that precluded the downward spiral. She was the black […]

All American Episode 11

All American Episode 11 RECAP: All Eyez On Me

This week’s episode was all about the District Combine, an annual event for high school football stars to strut their stuff in front of perspective boosters with hopes of achieving their NFL dreams. On the field, Coach Baker introduces Damon King (Hosea Chanchez), a recruiter for Angeles Southern University, and his former teammate to Spencer and Jordan. The next day, Willie (Brent Jennings) makes an uninvited visit to Beverly Hills and basically discourages Jordan about his ability to impress scouts. At the Combine, Baker and Olivia are laying shirts out for the recruits and Baker admits that he’s more concerned […]