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The Walking Dead recap Season 6 episode 13: The Same Boat

So, Walking Dead fans, Season 6 is making me crazy! If you’re anything like me, you’re losing your sh-t. Just remember, we’re in this together! We’re all in … The Same Boat. Alrighty! Onward. Before they can go to the aid of Rick and the rest, Carol and Maggie are captured by a redhead (Paula) and her little posse. Neganites. Prior to the hostage situation, Carol shoots one in the arm (Donnie). She clearly could have blown his head off, but she doesn’t. Now is not the time to gain a conscience, Carol. Get Morgan outta your head. Carol and Maggie are quickly surrounded. […]

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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12 – Not Tomorrow Yet

… or When Life Gives you Zombies, Make Pink Cookies. The pantry may be bare, Walking Dead fans, but Carol’s baking prowess knows no bounds. Alexandria needs cookies, and cookies they shall have! With a little foraging and ingenuity, she puts Betty Crocker to shame and delivers her acorn and beet wares to those awaiting the return of Rick and the rest. The RV pulls up, and Rick informs Sasha and Aaron that they have procured enough provisions to stock the pantry for a month. This is the good news. Next, he asks that a meeting in the church be arranged. […]

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The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 11 recap – Do We Got A Friend in Jesus?

Do we? Last week, we were left with the naked bums of Michonne and Rick as they hopped out of the sack, weapons in hand, to address Paul’s visit to their “honey-MOON” suite, or whatever you wanna call it. I’m calling it weird, but the rest of the world seems to be into the Richonne thing. I get it, but it’s still causing me some discomfort … kind of like a tiny pebble in my favorite pair of trusty worn old sneakers. Whatever. I’m weird. Sorry world. I just think this situation is sorta, well, incestuous. I’ve viewed Rick and […]

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Wait, WHO hooked up? The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 recap The Next World

Oh, fans of The Walking Dead … as if things weren’t weird enough already… So, faithful fans of the zombie soap opera, another week has come to pass … or several weeks, based on the amount of time it takes to develop an actual photograph of one-eyed Carl holding Judith. Seriously. Where’d I missed the Walgreens photo center — and when was the last time anyone loaded actual film into a camera to take a picture? Maybe Alexandria’s new plans included a dark room. I don’t know, but Boston’s playing as the episode opens, so maybe this all happened pre-digital. So, […]

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The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 9 recap: All Together Now?

Holy crap! The Walking Dead Season 6 returned tonight … and with a BANG and a lot of bloodshed! When we were slapped with the much-hated season break, Sasha, Abraham and Daryl (aka RAWR!) were faced with a group of motorcycling Negan-minions. I don’t know about you, but I have NOT been looking forward to Negan’s arrival. It’s inevitable, but I still don’t want it … being grounded for having parties while my parents were up north was inevitable, too. I hate the inevitable. Anyway! Negan’s unnamed chimp … which I will call him because of his ginormous ears and my […]


Into the Badlands Season 1 finale recap: “Hand of Five Poisons”

This is a good title for the season finale of a glorious series – and it aptly describes what I may use to slap the powers that be at AMC if Into the Badlands is not renewed! It’s been a blast watching this over the past six weeks, and I KNOW many others share in my sentiment. There is nothing else like it on TV. But let’s get to it. Sunny races through the poppies with his payment to the River King. I tweeted something about substituting Bale’s noggin for M.K.’s, and that’s exactly what Sunny’s does! Now I feel […]


Into the Badlands Season 1 episode 5 recap: “Snake Creeps Down”

We’re one episode from the end of the season, Into the Badlands fans. So much has been tossed in the ring, there’s no way ANY of it will be resolved — unless the finale introduces us to the atomic-bomb baron who simply blows everything up — by the end. This would be a pisser, but I’m the kind of person who needs closure … or at least a straight answer about a second season. AMC, on behalf of all who’ve come to love this series, I ask that you quit messing with our heads. Sunny and M.K. are fighting on the […]


Into the Badlands Season 1 Episode 4 recap – “Two Tigers Subdue Dragons”

I have a dilemma. As of right now, the only character I trust is Sunny, and I’m not even certain he’s to be trusted. This is not good and can’t be resolved in only two more episodes. I hope like hell things have only just begun for this series. If I’m left in this state at the end of the sixth episode, with no hope for more, I’ll need therapy. • Into the Badlands Season 1 recaps: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3  The episode begins as Tilda runs through the woods. She’s wearing a white dress and […]

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The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason finale recap: Start to finish (Not)

We all hate these midseason breaks, so Start to Finish is the crappiest title ever … even if it mirrors Deanna’s words. I don’t care. Especially with the little Negan teaser tossed in during Into the Badlands. I will spend the next two months vibrating through The Walking Dead withdrawals. Thanks, AMC! This midseason finale is like most season finales — a lot of craziness and zero resolution. But, I’m going to chalk this one up as the worst – or the best – or both. We all know the wall went down and an ass-load of walkers are on their […]


Into the Badlands Episode 3 recap: “White Stork Spread Wings”

For me, this episode seals the deal, Into the Badlands fans. The groundwork is established, the characters have developed nicely, the story is moving along quickly, and I know the rest of the season will be brilliant. Episode three is filled with the usual hardcore fight sequences, tense moments of M.K.’s stupidly- stubborn and sneaky antics, and the looming doom that Quinn’s acute awareness (of exactly who’s pulling what) threatens to bring. Quinn’s war is waged without hesitation. As the episode opens, he and his Clippers descend on The Widow like ants on a dropped popsicle … yeah, the simile […]