Hell On Wheels Season 5 episode 10 Bohannon

Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 10 recap: Break on Through to the Other Side

Welcome back faithful Hell on Wheels fans! Last week, Bohannon returned to Truckee after a “final farewell” to Naomi and William. Durant had to suck it up and give Mickey shares in the Union Pacific. And then Mei ‘welcomed’ Cullen back in an unexpected way. Initially, it was hard to swallow, but once digested, it felt okay in my gut. A great discussion following my recap really helped, so thank you, readers! HOWEVER, this week’s episode makes me queasy. With that said, let’s get to it! On … whee! Cullen stares a hole in the ceiling as Mei sleeps beside […]

Preacher AMC Emily Jesse

Preacher Season 1 Episode 4 recap: The Hole Truth

Bless you for your return, Preacher fans! Each week is full of surprises, and this episode is especially fun. It showcases many little tidbits of importantness, and it’s so hysterical, it damn near caused death by spaghetti. Preacher trumps sliced bread, rolled oats and all the other “best things since.” You with me, or do I need a life? (I appreciate all comments, BTW … even if they make me question my humanity … see last week’s comments.) It starts with the school bus prowling about. Maybe Jesse needs to think things through a little more before willing them to […]

Hell on Wheels Naomi

Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Return to the Garden

Welcome back, HOW fans! Last week’s episode took a more personal turn than those that came before in Season 5. Perhaps, the showrunners want to end Hell on Wheels by taking us back to what it’s really all about. It’s not so much the importance of a transcontinental railroad that has pulled us into this series … it’s the people … the characters we have come to love and hate, or both. I especially love the opening scene. Cullen cools himself down by a stream. On the other side, an Indian does the same. Their eyes meet, and while Bohannon […]

Preacher Donnie
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Preacher Season 1 Episode 3 recap: Grails, Fails and Bunny Tales

Hiya Preacher fans! It’s Sunday and church is in session! To begin, we meet Danny … who is not a guy. Danny would like her husband whacked, but Tulip’s not interested. However, she is interested in the paperwork being handed off. What’s Grail Industries … a holy bunch (wink)? Hmmm? We’ll have to wait and see. Danny takes the paperwork from Tulip, stuffs it away, and it’s a dead topic. In exchange for the Grail stuff, Tulip gets a slip of paper containing a “last known address.” Of who? Tulip recalls the day everything ended for Jesse and her. An […]


Hell On Wheels Recap Season 5 Episode 8: Two Soldiers

Well, fellow Hell-ions, it’s been a long-ass wait, but here we are – the last half of the last season of the great Hell on Wheels. I’m bummed I wasn’t on board to begin, but I’m honored to cover the caboose. We all knew at the start that the railroads would meet, and just a year shy of the six it took to hammer in the historical spike that made the Transcontinental, we’ll see it happen on AMC. When we left off for the longest “mid-season” break in history, Cullen Bohannon pissed off (and on) everyone when he convinced Ulysses […]

Preacher Tracy Loach
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Preacher Episode 2 recap: I got the power!

Jesus, Preacher fans! Two weeks to wait? Felt like a damned month! So welcome back, sinners! • MORE: Preacher Episode 1 recap • MORE: Man literally seeks God in AMC’s new Preacher Episode 2 takes us back to 1881. A little girl is sick in bed. She sees a man in the doorway and smiles. I assume it’s her father. A woman (her mother?) pushes him aside and goes to her. The man in the doorway looks intense, and he has a journey ahead of him. Few details are revealed, but the woman expects the trip to take a few days. […]


AMC Preacher premiere recap: Ya get what you pray for

Hallelujah and bless AMC! For Preacher is here! • RELATED: We talk AMC’s smokin’ new Preacher with executive producer Sam Catlin! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dying to feast your eyes on this bad boy since the very first moment AMC made the world privy to its arrival. I expected good, but good just don’t do Preacher justice … It begins with a bang — literally. A “meteorite” shoots through space and beelines it to Africa where a man preaches passionately to a dedicated congregation. He shouts, “Something is coming!” He doesn’t know how right he is. That “something” smashes […]

Walking Dead Season 6 finale negan grimes gang
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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale “Last Day on Earth” … FOR WHO?

Well, dear fans of TWD, there you have it … or not. Season 6 has left us hanging, and hang we will for the next seven months. I knew it was coming, though I tried to think of every reason why they would avoid a cliffhanger. I mean, seven months is a really long time to hide such a huge secret … isn’t it? Well, maybe not — the character who died doesn’t even know he or she is dead. Well played. Doesn’t mean I’m not pissed – okay, I’m not totally pissed. I can spend the next seven months hoping […]

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D is for danger. The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 15 recap.

So, my fellow TWD fans … it’s coming. The end of Season 6. I’m not excited about it based on what I’ve read — which is a ton because I’m trying desperately to find some kind of consolation. But there is ZERO. And why would there be? AMC wants us to flip out until next season. Jerks. (I mean that in the most loving way. Sort of.) Tonight’s penultimate episode, “East,” starts with Carol. Tobin comes in while she’s planning her exodus, and they have sexy time. We don’t see it, which is just fine with me. Her bags are […]

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One walks away. The Walking Dead “Twice As Far” recap

Well, TWD fans, we’ve almost reached the end of the season, and Alexandria is again in recovery. Pantry stocking. Flowers growing. The stuff that happens in regular life minus walkers and a-holes. Catch your breath now. Mayhem isn’t far away. Even in the lull, there is a general raised awareness. Eugene seems anxious to step up. He’s growing a pair right along with that mullet. Father Gabe is focused and armed. Morgan plays with his stick. In another moment and another place, Morgan slides the last brick of his super prison into place. This is the tireless project he began […]